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So I recently got back into Diablo 3. It is a game I can always return to. I find it thoroughly enjoyable, it just seems to never get old. I have been really getting into build meta since I have been back and obviously have been using the Armory for saving my main builds then a second build most of the time, for lower end clearing/farming. The other day, on my Demon Hunter, I was clearing some junk out of the stash and carelessly deleted half of my multi-shot build, argh! My own stupid fault really, no one else but myself to blame there. But I was thinking about it and how the armory currently works and I had an idea that I figured I would put fourth into the community forums! So I will attach an image below to better explain what I mean but let me try and explain it too.

So my idea, is to simply have storage slots in the armory, but not what you think. Literally, just one spot per each piece of gear in your build. From helmet, down to your boots, rings, amulet, gems in the jewellery, etc. So when you save your build the gear your wearing it would visually be in each armory slot, then when you switch builds it would sit in the armory slots until you switch back. This way when you switch, the legendary gems don't get thrown into your inventory or on the ground and your build gear is stored neatly and safely.

Also it would be great if we could lock important gear!
Shoot, how do I post an image?

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