LON/WOL Questions

Trying this build and have reached GR97 with it, but there are several things I don’t understand.

1. The full purpose of Cyclone Strike. Should I just use this at a distance to activate
Lefebvre for defense and complement Zei ? Or should I actually draw monsters in and zap them (nullifying zei)? or both ?

2. How much cdr for full Epiphany up time. Currently at 52.49. I’ve traded off cdr for 111% AD.

3. The braces (BoLG) add 200% damage to my Mystic Allies. Do they really help that much to take up an armor slot ?

I realize I need fire pct on pinto bracers and working on that. Also need better swamp land pants.

The biggest issue in the GR 97 run was dieing. The cold ball takes me out quickly. My resistances at around 2000. I got the Sledgehammer guy as the guardian and he killed me three times before I got him.

Any other advice on gearing/running this build would be appreciated.
The 200% dmg on your botlg rise your dmg by approx factor 2 (since your freakin ally deals as much as you do and he then deals 3x your dmg). To have them enabled you need to do cs to enemys since the ally only gets the botlg buff to monsters being in the cs circle.
52.5 should be enough if you are not spendin to much to other cdr spells, the more the better obviously. all sub 118 ad is to less ;)
your pintos are crap (also since only 138 % buff).
I'd roll 11% ele dmg reduce on chest and 15% life on belt and spend some para into vit until you get ~800k. Then 105 should be easy and 110 probably also. I think with your gear you could do some higher than you do.

with lon wol you will stand more at the enemy (compared to inna) just to get your botlg bonus. You also can use the pet gem instead of zeis to have your ally dealin moar dmg but then you need to get him into fight. This can be tricky. On low para probably inna is easier to play - just finished a 120 - but it seems than lon wol simply is stronger but more gear intensive. Checked ns ladder boards recently and on eu there are so many gen monks, a decent number of lon wol (felt like 10 to 15 in top 50), some rest swk wol (its just worse than the other versions) a few uliana (~5 in top 50) and approx 3-5 inna wol in top 50. But non season people just do have paragon :D
Thanks. I understand cs better now.

I’ll make the change to my belt. Will also change chest. Life was around 350k so clearly need more.

It looks like I have about 3 sec non Epiphany more or less. May dump a little more
into cdr at expense of ad.

Still trying for a better Pinto. Used all my mats & shards—no luck. Did change 6% cc to fire damage, but it’s still crap.

I may try enforcer just to see how well it works.
yoi could just pick a pinto with 145+% on wol boost, with the right stats it should also non anc be better than yours.
yeah, 350k life is too litte :) i'd definitely suggest 800k+ on inna simply more since you don't have dmg reduction
have no idea why i gotta downvote for the try to help.
I haven't tried the new LoN WoL yet, but I think Inna's WoL(with free rorg buff) would be much better for T16 and speed low gr(80-95) runs.

Inna's WoL monk can r4pe T16 & gr80-95 mobs easily from distance with one WoL, therefore you can do super fast runs.
But with LoN WoL, you might have to dash into mobs then cs, WoL etc to kill fast on T16 & gr80-95 etc. :(
When it is played with CS, you can move real quick when Epiphany is up. It will be yuge together with Bracers of the lesser gods ...

It will be yuge. You might even go for IAS istead of cooldown wherever possible.

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