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So, we will need round about one and a half years to get all stash tabs.
The good news is:
Till then Diablo Immortal will be available, so no one has to play Diablo 3 anymore... ;)
Jesus christ.

I've done every single season since the first one. I'm sick to death of seasons. I just got my last tab last season. Now the only way to get the stash tabs that everyone else gets for free, is to do MORE SEASONS. No thanks. No doubt, with the addition of the torment levels, the goal post will have shifted again due to unnecessary damage inflation.

Whatever blizzard, just whatever.

You could at least keep making more portraits/pets if you want me to keep doing seasons FOR THE REST OF MY NATURAL LIFE.

Edit: just to clarify, I usually don't play the full season to completion. It all depends on how annoying i find the conquests. Obviously, I find most of them to be annoying. I do everything completely solo, so it takes much longer to complete a season than if I were in a group.

Here I came to the forums tonight because suddenly, I thought we were getting all these stash tabs and I was excited to play again. Now Blizzard makes me want to never want to play ever again.
Oh, thank God!!!!

And I mean it. Thank God Blizz has their head so far up their rears they continue to gate QoL behind Seaons. For three or four days there I thought there was a reason to come back and play D3. But NOPE, Blizzard cures me of their game, again.
04/09/2019 06:11 PMPosted by MissCheetah
04/09/2019 06:09 PMPosted by WCLee

I don't mind to do sometime to earn a stash tab but I understand many players don't like it :-)

No, no they don't. It is the most popular QoL request that exists among players. Some for gold, some for Seasons, and even some for MTX would be fine. Give more and mix up the options to get them. Having most of them behind Seasons feels really really bad to most players.

Oh no, my poor English, lol.

I just try to mention many players don't like to do quests to get the extra stash tabs like the past 4 tabs.
i dont play seasons, i tried season 16, got a few characters to 70, just so boring doing the same thing ive already done. Didnt get a season buff for non season players like season 15, ive been reading alot of post since season 17 just trying to find out if its going to be the same, will season 17 non season get season buff?
Then i find out i have to still play seasons to get extra 5 stash tab. I dont even care about the buff(s) any more. Almost no motivation for me to play this game anymore.
You know - The new stash tabs being gated on PC behind seasons I am OK with it.

But - I Do think that long term players - Blizzard needs to go back through their DB and retroactively reward players for past Conqueror completions.

I don't personally have 4 Season stash tabs yet. But I would be extremely annoyed if I had 5 or more Conquerors under my belt and still had *another* 5 seasons to look forward to.
Sigh. I refused to play seasons for stash tabs when it was first announced. I find the entire idea of seasons to be stupid. Why would I want to set aside the literally years worth of effort put into my toons and start over? But whatever, to each their own, I will simply never play them.

So I have suffered through the inventory management game for a while now. After messing around with some new builds recently my stash is currently 100% full, not a single empty space remaining. I was really looking forward to getting more stash space with this upcoming patch. When I first read the patch notes for 2.6.5 I actually started to have hope for Blizzard and Diablo again. And now this?

If Blizzard truly does put these new stash tabs behind seasons I will legitimately uninstall Diablo 3. And since I quit Hearthstone a while ago, and Heroes of the Storm soon after, recently quit WoW, and never had any interest in Starcraft or Overwatch or either of the third party games in the launcher; that means if I uninstall D3 I also uninstall and am done with Blizzard once and for all.

Take note Blizzard, if you put these stash tabs behind seasons it will be the proverbial straw. You will permanently have lost a customer that has been around since D2:LoD.
Everyone needs to go into the "We aren't listening" thread on top and let them know how bad an idea this is.
There's only one way for them to salvage this stuff up... give us 5 extra stash tabs from the go and allow another 5 to be unlocked via season!

This way:
- we get that big storage space injection we were all set up to believe was coming, and
- Blizzard keeps their 'active accounts' numbers up for the next year and a half
04/10/2019 12:16 AMPosted by SimpleDave
Everyone needs to go into the "We aren't listening" thread on top and let them know how bad an idea this is.


Also, anyone notice that it's worse than the first time they gated stash tabs behind seasons... at least that time, they let us buy 1 tab off the bat with gold before having to jump through hoops for the remaining 4.
This is bonkers.

The amount of stash space has been ridiculous since the game launched.

With more gear/builds, 10 tabs is already grossly insufficient.

And now we have to spend 1-2 years doing seasons to get these 5 tabs?

WTH? This is a terrible decision. TERRIBLE.
It's just "yeah boi we tossed new thing in season, play it plz".
Who is making such terrible decision making? This guy don't have a phone for logging in the forum?

Nonsense, deception. That's all.
Oh, come on Blizz!

You were that close to do something right for once. I was looking forward to finally organize all my NS clutter and maybe play the game a little, but that's not happening now.

I unlocked the first 4 gated stash tabs as soon as possible. Didn't personally mind that much going through the season journeys (though it's still wrong to force people to do that for a QoL feature that is mainly useful in NS), but it took forever.
And now you are telling me I need to wait another 15+ months to get those extra stash tabs we have been requesting for years? Thanks but no thanks.
Free stash tabs was by far the most popular thing they've announced in ages, of course they had to go and f it all up

Never change BliZz
Its annoying for NS exclusives to unlock more seasonal stash tabs, BUT its probably the best method to create incentives. At least for me. I had no intention to grind seasons after all my stash tabs were unlocked. Now, combine with LON season and a stale NS, its time for seasons again.

Its a pain in the butt to figure out which toon to rebirth. Majority of my inventories are full. Its a good problem to have though. Better than no incentives to play a stale game.
Hahaha, you screw us again Blizz.
“We hear you”

Oh really? Are you hearing us right now? No gated stash, Quality of Life changes shouldn’t be behind 70x5 hours of play.
04/10/2019 02:26 AMPosted by Thorgor
You were that close to do something right for once. I was looking forward to finally organize all my NS clutter and maybe play the game a little, but that's not happening now.

You and me both brother. And I was looking forward to doing it on two accounts.
So, next season, DH again. And due to that DH doesn't have benefits of LoN, non season here I come very soon.
I still don't get it why I must play something for a few days. We can get stash tab when we create seasonal character.
You promised stash tabs for everyone, so... Well, you promised a lot, and "gave" us only mobile game. :(
At last. I expected more from you after you extended this season. You gave us nothing. Even less of that. Stuffs from earlies season and one new wings.
04/09/2019 01:01 PMPosted by MissCheetah
Blizzard, please please don't do this to the PC players. Let us buy the stash tabs for gold like Console Players. Please? The PTR version was very very well received and we were all thrilled to have stash space for gold. We felt you listened to a very common player request. Don't undo that.

Just want to say thanks to MissCheetah for pointing this stuff out to us and leading the message back to the devs RE what's on the community's mind.

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