R6/Shenlong Solution

I was able to experience R6 / Shenlong on S16 (Rog Buff). It is a very fun build and very strong. But has a very serious problem in NS, she's very squishy ... Besides suffers a lot with Vortex, knockback, nightmare, grotesques, lacunes and etc etc etc .... in NS it's a real hell.

R6 should "give the effect of all runes" to Dashing Strike, and change the Rune "Blinding Speed" to:

"""Gain 40% increased chance to Dodge and gives CC immunity for 5 seconds after using Dashing Strike"""

With these changes this build would be much less frustrating.
A lot of sets are falling behind in terms of toughness. Over the year some were updated with % mitigation on to set bonuses, but some still left behind. Especially monk. Only SWK has inbuilt defensive %. Even if you exclude inna. Raiment and Uliana definitely needs it. Its kinda unfair solo monk has to rely on unity ring where other classes ditched it via set buffs.

R6 should have % mitigation add to 4pc bonus, granting % 4s (or x sec) after using dash.

Every class has limited skills providing CC immunity (excluding the transformation skills), monk already has it on inner sanc / serenity. With set mitigation added, mantra can be optional and replaced by IS/Serenity.

Gen is a unique style for d3 and in my opinion iconic monk build that should be promoted.

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