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Is there anyway to skip all dialogue, not just the ones with an x? Some of the dialogues take way too long to finish, and I don't know how to skip them.
Try to stay awhile and listen.
Pressing Space repeatedly skips dialogs very quickly.

There's also an in-game option to skip all cut scenes.
Options > Gameplay > Interface > [ x ] Automatically Skip All Cut Scenes
Including, e.g, the ones spoken by that woman you rescue after killing the giant spider? I wouldn't mind if I could exit the cave immediately after rescuing her, but I can't.

The reason I'm trying to skip all dialogues is because I'm trying to get the finish act 1 in under an hour achievement; I've already finished the campaign, listening to as many dialogues as I can.

Edit: Bad example, the dialogue is actually short, but I still can't exit the cave until she finishes talking and exits the cave.

Edit2: She walks frustratingly slow though.
You can skip Lyndon's betrothed speech by walking up to the chicken coop to the left of the gate (be sure not to Escape skip the dialogue box text, though). You can also skip the Tyrael and Imperius dialogue arriving at the High Heavens by porting back to town. This leads me to believe some can be skipped by walking far enough away, or using Town Teleport. You'll have to gauge whether either is going to take longer than the actual dialogue, though.
Press Space to skip through in-game dialogue and skip Story Mode cutscenes with Esc button.
04/16/2019 01:34 AMPosted by JSY
The reason I'm trying to skip all dialogues is because I'm trying to get the finish act 1 in under an hour achievement

Once you're level 70, this achievement should be incredibly trivial to obtain. There's no difficulty requirement for the achievement so set the game to Normal difficulty and effectively this becomes a test of how quickly you can run through the quests, because mobs will be one-shotted / kill themselves if you even have a single item with thorns on.

Heck, in Season 17 one of the Conquests is Sprinter (softcore) / Speed Racer (hardcore) and the requirement for that is to complete all five acts in under an hour. Whilst some of the acts are shorter than others, this obviously averages out to 12 minutes per act, so completing one act in 60 minutes is very easy.

My recommendation is for movement speed abilities (you're on a Crusader, I see, so Steed Charge is your friend, perhaps with the flail that lengthens the duration) and an In-Geom sword (equipped on in the Cube) so your cooldowns are so short you can effectively spam your movement speed abilities after killing an elite.
Yeah, I tried it on T1 and failed by a few minutes. I will try on Normal, thanks.

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