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03/24/2019 07:41 AMPosted by TOPCommander
I have hope for D4, but D4 is only going to be good if it returns to "Diablo's Roots"

LoL, Returning to Diablo's roots? You statement is like an ancient Greek warrior saying war should only be fought with spears, nets and chariots in today's world.

D4 if it ever happens will introduce new concepts and play that will bring D4 into the hands of the gaming world that is becoming!

If anyone really looks at what Blizzard has become in the last two years or so is mostly a new group of people working together to make great games in a new world of play.

Mobile is here to stay, with it's billions of dollars trickling in every hour of every day worldwide.

But most of us PC players are going to be surprised of what is coming and what we will be playing in the next 5 to 10 years.
And most of us PC players will never spend more than 10 minutes on mobile games at any time.
Personally, I can't get into mobile games. They lack so much.
03/24/2019 04:49 PMPosted by Chetanji
D4 if it ever happens will introduce new concepts and play that will bring D4 into the hands of the gaming world that is becoming!

If anyone really looks at what Blizzard has become in the last two years or so is mostly a new group of people working together to make great games in a new world of play.

"A new world of play" LOL. Marketing claptrap.
Nope. Absolutely zero. I left Blizzard entirely, and permanently, in early November. Uninstalled everything from every device I own, including the launcher, and I'm not going back. They're on my boycott list along with EA now.

I understand a lot of players will disagree me.

To me, if D4 team brave enough to say no to D2-MKII and give me a fresh new experience that didn't been seen from other ARPG titles to prove they are creators rather than a followers of past great game/s, my answer will be YES.

So feel free to down-vote me because you have your own taste/thought :-)
03/24/2019 04:22 PMPosted by Alexismad

Pretty sure there is no current D3 dev team at the moment. Rumors are D3 is in the hands of the classics games dept, which is why we have seen only some number tweaks and a few QOL additions since the Necro and challenged rifts were released. I wouldn't get my hopes up for any new content for D3.


So D3 classic team rules so we will have thousands of tweaks.
No, I hope Blizzard file for bankruptcy soon
Currently, no not really.

Blizzard's last chance is this D4 ( which might not even happen any time soon). But, I think that this is their last chance to show us that they really care about their fan base after such a heavy downfall...

If D4 turns out to be what D3 now is or isn't any good to begin with then it is probably safe to say that we can put flowers on the grave of Diablo franchise :(

PS. Nevalistis if I'm not mistaken said somewhere in the posts that Diablo has a "VERY BRIGHT" future with all these multiple projects (tamagochi,cards,chess, diablo gum you know). So lets see how this bright future turns out to be :)
I'm no big believer in "lost faith forever". My faith has been affected insofar that I'll await (community!) game reviews of any sequel before purchasing unlike before when I'd purchase without hesitation. And absolutely not pre-order, of all things.

But if it's all good and a fantastic Diablo, I won't avoid it because "boohoo Blizzard lost me".
Do I have faith in Blizzard? If I didn't, I wouldn't still be coming to these forums once in a while. I'm still hoping they'll do their playerbase right and fix this game, but realistically I don't count on it happening.

I won't rush out and pre-order anything from them now. I'll be waiting at least a year before I consider buying any new games from them. Diablo changed so drastically in that first year alone that there wasn't a whole lot left like the game I bought. WoW has such drastic shake-ups in each class every couple years the Paladin I'm playing now is entirely different than the same Paladin I played 8 years ago.
Blizzard yes, Activation no!
no clue why people still talk about diablo 4. you guys have been talking diablo 4 since diablo 3 got released.
it simply wont happen.
diablo immortal will sell decently just because people buy sh*t while they are in the toilet dumping and playing candy crush saga and diablo immortal.

move on, this company has done its time.
03/24/2019 06:21 PMPosted by WCLee
prove they are creators rather than a followers

Diablo Immortal proved they're followers who follow their own imitation. Don't get surprised when you have a few downvotes here and there.

It'll be a bit harder for them catch up with Wolcen, Lost Ark and Last Epoch at the oncoming 5-6 years for Diablo 4. I assume they'll change strategy and genre (I think Witcher 3 director is a hint to MMO-lite that's been rumored) instead of staying their ground at the aRPG market.
Diablo: Immortal belongs to their decade old partner NetEase, of course they wouldn't want unnecessary rivalry when they plan to support it at the oncoming years.

03/24/2019 12:31 PMPosted by Graveheart
Damage control leak or truth?

Damage control with a smidge of truth I believe. I'm just speculating the common approach here. RoS was one of the highest profits for them back at '14 if you care to check Blizzard's annual reports. It occurs to me, either that article or those company annual reports are lying; and I give more credit to the company reports than shill articles at the mainstream media.
If D3 were to be a "failure" like that shill article implied, would Blizzard ever invest China at random? Their D3 Cash Shop in China was a massive success at the terms of profits, that's why they are so committed to D:Immortal. Blizzard never plays on dead investments and high suits calling D3 a failure? The game that shown them how profitable China market is?

Separate the facts from shills trying to relate to fans and damage control for the company that shows the green. Same shills would call you "entitled" and "toxic" the first chance they got. They deserve no praise.

I think when they were getting ready for second expansion for D3 but then they realized, they have to out-do or overhaul the entire game for applying new content into it. That meant extra workload for them and budget for this kinda thing always come out limited.
It's nothing too far fetched, when you think how many dead-ends actually RoS created for timesinks but people still play it by avoiding them. A few budget cuts and comparisons, possibly project become invalid like many other that are shelved.

Then they turned tail to Diablo Immortal on the light of statistics coming from D3 China Cash Shop. It was doing well enough for another investment and they dismissed the second D3 expansion pack for the sake of striking a deal with their Chinese partner (and Diablo-clone publisher) NetEase. The effort made on the second expansion given to players at the form of free updates to D3 instead.

So, next Diablo going back to its roots is a huge bollocks and hot air for me. They have the statistics about D3 and it made into the best sellers. So much that it funded for D3 RoS and D:I single handedly. May be a few suits called out how badly designed RoS was for oncoming content but that's simply it. No chief or chairman would call D3 a failure when it carried them two steps away.
They'll copy it again just like D:I copied their own imitation. Because as always, they won't confront anything on their own terms but evade it and reverse the design. D3 classic intended to keep some design points from D2, but RoS simply threw'em outta window. They had the option of adding removed content back from D3 Beta at the second expansion, but they didn't.

They canceled it and we got D:I upon them striking a deal, remember that. Diablo 4 will never be a gritty, bloody horror like that shill article implied but a clickfest for wider audience approach with colorful MMO-lite elements. They don't want rivalry with D:I in any case. This is not trust inducing about a next Diablo project on PC/consoles to be honest.

03/24/2019 01:08 PMPosted by spirited
If what was said about Mike Morhime is true (he didnt care about profitability,

Hardly. Every company needs profits, and it was back in '12 when Blizzard laid off six hundred staff in a whim. The year they were about to release D3 for the wildest profits and Morhaime was the CEO of the Blizzard at that time.

Mike Morhaime was the one who wanted to step into the mobile area as his "winning game strategy". You can read it from Venturebeat and Forbes articles dated back in '16; I guess that's before Necro release. Right? A big hint towards the contracts made by the company to gain trust of investors.
It still puzzles me if he would want Diablo as one of the first contenders for stepping into the mobile however. Their thirst for money simply burnt them out and surely blinded them to some facts.

03/24/2019 08:22 AMPosted by spirited
BONUS DRINKING CHALLENGE: watch Blizzon 2018 on youtube. Everytime someone says "fully fledged Diablo experience" take a shot. Good luck and take the following day off

I'm in when I have free time.
Will it even be possible for them avoid Actvisions capitalist direction if they don't find it suitable? When you sell out to the wrong people then you are screwed unless you buy everything back or simply start over as a new company.
03/25/2019 08:56 AMPosted by SeaBigBear
Blizzard yes, Activation no!


One latest example of the difference: I honestly thought they'd do a emergency patch to the xp exploit in wow instead of banning players that used it until they "got around to fixing it"
03/25/2019 12:08 PMPosted by Junky
Will it even be possible for them avoid Actvisions capitalist direction if they don't find it suitable?

I hardly doubt it's all about Activision; they're mutual partners in this. If something happened, this is a result of both side agreeing upon it. Hence why Acti-Blizz headquarters are there. If Blizz had the less say in all this; there wouldn't be any Acti-Blizz HQ or we'd see Acti-King HQ. Activision don't care about what Blizzard doing as long as it's making money as they have their own plans and charity feed (for war veterans) to mind about.

If you pull the blame about mobile on them, stop pushing yourself. Nobody told Morhaime to go mobile before his departure. It was Morhaime's own vision to slip to mobile for releasing out more games. NetEase was a partner to them since a decade and King Digital is the mobile genius here, not Activision. Morhaime was well aware it was too slow to release games in this market with this workforce (yet hundreds of people laid off).

Even if Blizzard got away from Activision, you have no idea how tightly they have been merged. Blizzard is not your "pure indie company that makes games for gamers" anymore. They dropped that, way back when Blizz North shutdown. Even if Activision is no more, don't expect them to live with toast on beans to be more creative and leave their shenanigans about "wide-accessibility appeal" and "clear-linear experience" crap when that's the thing that brings in money.
My advice is, you people grow out of it and stop deflecting blame where it's due Blizzard. If you keep deflecting blame, Blizzard won't learn anything from all that. They'll look at the scene and just keep doing it.
No, I don't. Maybe they will surprise me and do something great with Diablo 4, but their recent track history does not look good. Nobody wants a mobile game, nobody asked for a mobile game.

There is a difference in wanting to be profitable, and still design good games, finding that good balance, and completely throwing game design out the window just so you can rake in as much cash as humanly possible. There's a reason they are partnering with NetEase, and it's not a good one.

If they are making Diablo 4, chances are, it won't be anywhere remotely close to previous versions, for better or worse, but they either have to innovate, or go back to what people liked, which is probably not gonna happen.

Either way, I don't have a lot of faith in Blizzard anymore.
03/25/2019 01:15 PMPosted by TardarSauce
or go back to what people liked,

Hmm, going back to what people liked?

That is going back into the past my friend.

How about we see D4 be a game that everyone loves in the present?!!!!

1st D4 game was cancelled 'cause it was not up to Blizzard's quality.

When and if D4 comes out it should be awesome!
I heard they hired The Witcher 3 Creative Director that alone will give hope to Blizzard games.. Not sure which games he will work on though...lets all hope its Diablo 4
I’ll always be curious as to what blizzard announces and their plans for games. I can’t deny that I’ll always be curious.

I said last year that 2018 would be the year that I decided whether or not I WANTED to care anymore. It’s hard to let yourself give in to natural excitement when you’ve been strung along and/or disappointed so many times.

If diablo immortal sucks
If diablo4 is announced but looks uninteresting
If Warcraft 3 reforged is unsatisfying

Then it will be harder for me to give in to the hype, and I just don’t know if getting my hopes up and being disappointed all over again is good for my health.

Wow is just not a viable game, and it’s too much like a theme park ride
Heroes of the storm should have been good, but they ruined it somehow. I’m not a competitive gamer, but it has amazing visuals and pretty fun game play. I’m not sure what ruined it for me.
Overwatch seems to just be the game they cater to all the different lifestyles in the world, and just doesn’t feel right to me.
Starcraft is pretty legendary, but it’s over.
Diablo 3 is fun for a couple of weeks at a time, but I’ve got more than my money’s worth from that game. Still fun to play at times. It’s good that they are moving on.

I’m not sure what happened. I was incredibly excited for d3 and ros. I bought the lore books, I read and listened to all the in-game stuff, and hunted and theory crafted, but I just dont have the stomach for it anymore.

But that not just blizzard. Gaming just isn’t the same anymore, and it doesn’t have anything to do with reasons some people thing d2 > d3. I don’t think that’s true at all, but it’s more about the companies behind these games. Fans can totally feel when companies care more about profit than making great games. But I think that gamers in general are more mature and experienced than they were 20 years ago, and I believe it is harder to please us that it was back then.

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