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Hello, here is a little idea for primals we do not like.

If you have a drop of primal item, and you don't pick it in 10 seconds, a blue goblin come and take that primal item. You lose item but you can kill the blue goblin for death breaths and other stuff.

It will be another way to get more materials.

It can be done only with unindentified primal items!
Lol no. This would just cause a lot of lost primals due to taking ones time looting. have a strange sense of fun. when doing t13 rifts we often split up and whenever a primal drops and u don't make your way to it in 10 secs you will be really upset.
if I can kill the goblin, keep it from taking my primal, and have the possibility of a goblin portal ... I'll agree.

(Sorry, my english is not good)

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