Which Primal Rabid Strike?

Should I use one with 1000 dex and 10% cooldown or 7% attack speed and 10% cooldown?
https://imgur.com/a/VDngOZ8 (screenshot from PTR)

I'm ~p2600 in S16 atm with 1.88 attack speed, and I lose ~0.5% dmg from one with 7% attack speed. But I gain ~0.1% dmg from one with 7% attack speed at ~p3500 according to PTR.

If I use one with 7% attack speed, then I'll have 2.01 / 1.88 attack speed.

Both crap since no AD. I'd take 7 ias since chance to stun and more ias means more lifereg by loh.
Thanks, but it's got chance to slow, not stun. and I don't have any loh on my gear unless I reroll vit to loh on helm.

I think one with 7% ias is bit better cos I can attack more on coe fire cycle and also better for rg, but not 100% sure.
you get more striken stacks at rg, so obviously better :) you have paragon loh and ias gives more orotz proccs but you need to be careful not overcommiting to ias, your cdr/rcr needs to be good then
yeah, my reading was not careful enough :)
Got the one with 7% ias ages ago but didn't brother using it, because it had !@#$ secondary and also thought I'd lose more than 0.5% damage.
But I'm gonna switch to ias one soon, think my cdr/rcr should be fine because I have 56.79% cooldown and 25.48% resource atm.

Would I get 1.95 attack speed if I use one with 7% ias? (2.01 + 1.88) / 2
Use the dex one. IAS on weapon for MK needs to match on both hands. 1 hand with higher att spd isnt much use. Chance to slow is meh as bracer already proc slow 100% of time.

Your paragon still kinda low. At 3k, you dont devalue mainstat as much oppose to 6k+ players.
Oh really? didn't know that, thanks man.

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