Disconnection Deaths.

Blizzard needs to fix this problem. I have had 3 deaths due to game errors and latency spikes from the game. I have tested that it is the game because i have 2 PC\s right next to each other. One was on Apex which was my brother playing and the other was on Diablo 3 which was me. We have the same build on our PC's due to me building them. Apex was not lagging or spiking/frame frozen while Diablo 3 was completely frozen. This caused me to die in HC while this disconnection happened.

Main Point: Find a way to fix disconnection deaths in HC, I just lost a godly weapon that was near perfect despite only being ancient. Natural roll of 7% AS and 10% Dmg...

Find a way to fix this....
btw gonna keep posting because im heated...
It's a well known issue with HC.
Let's say there is some vague connection issue, let's even say it's totally Blizzard fault (which is often not the case, the internet provider might be to blame), anyway lag spike, death the player couldn't do anything about it.

Then what? The the character is dead. And no one comes back from the dead. That's what!

If the issue is recurring there is *ONLY ONE* solution. That is to play Softcore.
You will learn it with your tears of frustrations, despairs, anguish and anger!
Play softcore or build a character that can survive disconnections. This is an issue on your end, period. I keep my game up to date and in all my time playing, I've had one disconnect due to a power outage, which is clearly not on blizzards end, and a couple other disconnects due to my router and I've never got a random game crash during regular play. Only game errors I've ever gotten are at start up and those are very rare.

Clearly it's not the game, since I've never run into your issues.
you wont have to worry about it for long, pretty sure they give you a nice time out for spamming forum with same topic 6 times because your heated

RIP Man. Unfortunately this will always be a part of Hardcore. It's up to experience, luck, and patience to not die to lag or dc. Playing solo or with a dedicated team helps. Public games are risky but I mostly play that. Sometimes people join and lag gets crazy for 10 seconds. I have to use wifi for home business network. I've had 3 painful deaths due to lag. Glad my 500 hours witch doctor died to my poor gameplay.
It happens. I have lost a few to various issues with either latency or disconnect. Although some times to much dust build up causing the problem when I game to long and the card heats up. That happens too. It isn't too much of a problem if you are running pet builds unless you speed run. I'm a hardcore solo player that speed runs. It happens. Blizzard isn't responsible for everything. Peak internet times have caused problems, that is an issue with cable Internet or not. It happens. If you like the game, play it, if not well there is always other services and companies that have just as many problems. It happens. Enjoy the game or find another one.

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