Necro "Death is Blind" [s17 LoN]

In the General Discussion forum Nevalistis asked "Is there a class fantasy you feel isn't very fulfilled right now?"

I've been toying around with a Death's Bargain build for awhile. It has never been more than a proof-of-concept because the pants do not benefit from Crit Chance/Damage nor any of the player damage buffs.

I'm submitting this "Death Incarnate" build to her as one that could use some love.
  • build:
  • video:

tl;dr Fun build not quite ready for prime time.
seems interesting, gonna try this.

here is my "Death in Blind" build, it's really fast and fun to play if you have 2 Demon Hunter and a Barb with you.

You've given the item more love than the current update team.
Death Bargain is a legendary that you would think is made for Necro thanks to Necro's high Health regen skills passive and items. It would be a perfect addition to Lazymancer build for example replacing either Aquila (toughness) or Hexing pants (DPS) in the cube. Alass its a trash legendary as it has zero scaling connected to it.

It has been requested for some time ot add scaling to it, but it falls on deaf ears and blind eyes.
this build is super fun to play but it's too slow, so I change the Decrepify/Dizzying Curse to Potency/Blood Rush and take the Steuart's Greaves from Cube for speed.

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