wizard is yet again OP

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05/27/2019 04:01 PMPosted by Frankthetank
05/27/2019 12:42 PMPosted by Orrion
Oh, yeah, Blizzard loves casters.. which is why Wizard was in the dumps for years, right?

Logic hurts, I know.

You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Do yourself a favor and check the past season leader boards.

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Wizard (lets note wiz did 94 second guy whos not a wiz did a 69)
Season 5
8/top 20 are Wizard
Season 6
20/top 20 are Wizard
Season 7
17/top 20 are WIZARD
Season 8
9/top 20 are Wizard
Season 9
13/top 20 are Wizard
Season 10
16/top 20 are Wizard
Season 14
Top player Wizard
Season 17
19/top 20 Wizard

get rked

same 15-20 wiz superplayers play wiz every season, got it. Just because wudijo tops the DH leaderboard each season doesn't mean DH is OP.
05/28/2019 10:06 AMPosted by Frankthetank
"just play the OP class" That doesn't fix the problem at all.
That's the definition of fixing the problem. If you play seasons, you make a new character. Make it something OP.

The question is "how many solutions do you want Blizzard to hand to you?" Only playing only your favorite class isn't what D3 is about.
05/27/2019 12:46 PMPosted by Zedonius
Honestly, who cares anymore? The game is what.. 7 years old now?

Reality check.

What do you expect from a game that brings them 0 revenue. The only money they make is off when people buy the game, which I'm sure is few people.

It's plainly in sight exactly what is going on. D3 is lacking support because it isn't making them money. We currently have a "group" of people who are most likely involved in making the "next Diablo game" providing players of this game with some sort of content.

Stop f'ing complaining about every damn thing. Be thankful for what they are giving you (for free), or just gtfo. If you can't enjoy this game, then move on. Basic understanding of how the gaming industry is evolving will show you "Reality". If a game don't have some sort of "Money making" Model, it's almost not worth supporting.

D4 will have tonnes of ways for players to "spend" real money and most likely is Diablo: Immortal. I don't believe Blizzard is even working on D4. They can always say they are "Legally" working on it, but that statement alone means nothing because they don't have to back it up.

Bottom line. Move on and either play the game because you enjoy it, or just move on. You are wasting time expecting Blizzard to come in and some how totally blow your mind with a massive content update for D3 that will fix everything that everyone !@#$%es about. Balance is not even on their mind.

"" every damn thing ""?
Now Wizar closed 142 S.O.L.O, while monk / barb / DH / WD can barely close 132. Wizard Chantodo is MUCH stronger than Condemn was, remember, it will go more than just 142 ...

"What does it matter" ??
Only YOU do not care about balance ... I and many players care. What you say about D3 being 7 years old is a fallacy. A 7-year-old game that has had very few changes has the OBLIGATION to be balanced.

And what you see there is not content is pure unnecessary powercreep.

You complain that others want balance, you complain that people want you to solve d3 problems, but YOU DO NOT STOP CLAIMING THEM .... You're pretty weird.

05/27/2019 04:08 PMPosted by FreeWilly
It might just be me, but I'm enjoying the new patch. I can whip up a vyr build with no augments and do a gr100 in under 5 minutes. Grinding gems to 100 actually isn't a chore anymore.

Add the LoN buff to that, and the game's actually fun now.

Yes .... D3 is now a Wizards game .... "a lot of fun now" ...
Archon is still garbage to play.

Keep it.
05/28/2019 01:21 PMPosted by DonMartin
Archon is still garbage to play.

Keep it.

Couldn't agree more. I'll stick to LoN FO.

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