Fury of the vanished peak

Ok I found a primal Fury of the vanished peak. I was thinking of running it in my Leapquake build and cubing my inferiorly rolled Blade of the tribes. Is The Furnace strictly better? I was thinking I'd have to incorporate more SS into my playstyle to make it worth it.
Is there any way to make this item worthwhile?
Seismic Slam damage is just not a significant source of damage in the best LeapQuake builds.
Is there any way to make this item worthwhile?
Frozen Fury
Set: Might of the Earth
Build Link: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20419963951#post-1
A fun-different build, not viable for pushing very high but you can use the weapon with it...
Damo, just stick that FotVP in your stash and sit on it for now. You never know, if they end up making further changes to SS in a future patch, it might become useful. (Or try out Blackarrows' suggestion and give Frozen Fury a shot)

By the way, you really never want to cube Blade of the Tribes, because the Earthquake damage bonus is not part of the legendary affix. For leapquake, carrying even the worst imaginable Tribes is better than carrying FotVP.
R6 slam can be fun for T16. That's what I would do with it.

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