Lon mages survivability (or lacking)

I'm all ancient out, wearing St. Archews Gage and I die instantly in anything over G83, 1 hit and my pets are gone 1 more and I die as I'm running Final Service.

Do I need to swap out a zei's for a tanky gem? I dont get how people are doing 100+ and not dying over and over.

I've tried Dayntee's and cursing but that seemed worse taking out my movement ability
I definitely ran without Dayntee's at first and swapped back to it and tried to work on my rotation with casting it 1st thing as I encounter new targets. I actually removed simulacrum for the movement skill in the 80's I have been running as everything still dies in a matter of a second. I have run esoteric also and that helps with my survive quite a bit. As I gain in paragons and start to empower some items the survivability should come up quite a bit too.
What do you remove to replace with esoteric?
At that GR your mages should be able to kill everything in sight instantly. The build puts out insane damage numbers but has 0 survivability.
I got gr 101 down on xbox one with a Singletary mage LoN build. Trick is dodge phase with no heavy pushing... well no pushing at all. When my CDs are up push like a mad man tell my simulacrum is down. Then pick off little mobs and take your chances with finding a good pylon. No augments on gear. 101 with about 5 mins to spare.
the builds that push w/ lon-mage get 1shot by anything and everything.
If you linger for one frame, brushing up against one pixel, of a single monster's sneeze
You will die, instantly.
You could use toughness items, gems, & the like at a large loss of damage to the point that you might settle at a GR level that is "comfortable." After dispensing with the idea that I'm going to push the limits of multi-account botters - this doesn't sound like a bad idea. I hate dying and like build consistency.
But the truth is all GR pushing involves a certain degree of fishing. Even *tough* builds have to fish for the right run to make time (for different reasons). LoN-mage fishing means finding a GR that doesn't kill you right and left.
If u play solo u have to stack heavy survi lines. +Armor is your friend.
Very high pickup radius is your friend.
Additional hit point from saint gloves are useless if this hp is un-effective.

90-100 is easy doable solo in 3-4 minutes if u got in-geom in cube (non season version), season singularity is actually god and if some1 complain means he play bad, he dont know something importnat or he ignore whole defense.

If u go GR where u cant use full In-Geom power cuz your dps is bad means its time for Reillena (whatever) and krysbin, this necro nevery fly, he's always victim and have to be smart with cooldowns.

If comes to solo farming - balance between offense and defense is da key (+as necro u have to manually dodge a lot but thats obvious)

sry english
Um well I find Lornelle's + Grisly Tribute to be enough but I have like 40k life per hit. If I ever get low, I have 95% damage reduction, always ticking every upward, and if I am high health well I am not getting one-shot yet so...I go with high cooldown version, I am not sure whether a tankier setup with gizzard+moratorium+wisdom of kalan+thy flesh sustained is better, or higher damage, which I think is better, with trapped+zeis+krysbin+dislocate. No room for curses in the build, vigilante belt is better anyway to keep Simulacrum Reservoir/4 mages per cast up as much as possible. The real key is keeping Potency up to near 100% uptime as possible, it's a lot of extra tankiness. And then Stuarts Graves should be helping you dodge most things quite easily, and you have thicc mages to stand behind anyway...it may be you just need some more practice :)

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