Rollback? How often blizzard servers update/save character data?

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So 2 questions.
Since I changed my PC. I logged to diablo 3 and lost rather big portion of progress this season.

Meaning I lost tons of loot and over 500 paragon levels.
Meaning I got rather big rollback. Thus the question. Is there any hope getting my most recent/latest character/account data/save ?

Hence the second question. How often blizzard actually syncs/saves savedata to servers...?

I really much would like my progress back .
Only Console versions save data locally.

For PC version, the game is actually running in the server; your PC is just a display and input device. All data is saved in server only. Data don't store in your PC at all. Therefore, no need to sync data.

There is no item restoration service in D3 because the game doesn't keep any running logs.
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So I literally lost days of grinding -.-?

EDIT: I'm an absolute moron... I had my seasonal hardcore character selected... and absolutely didn't notice that..

sorry my bad.

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