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Can you please help me last time I logged into my off season toons I had more the a Row and a half of Puzzle rings that I have been saving up till I get good enough to run High level Vault and now they are gone. I am not sure what can be done but it took me a very long time to save them
Stuff doesn't vanish on its own.

06/04/2019 02:49 AMPosted by Magickmoon
I am not sure what can be done
Use the new stash filter to see if you can locate them. Also look in every one of your non-season heroes.

If you can't find them... sorry but nothing can be done. There is no item restoration services for Diablo 3.
where do I find the new stash filter?
also is there any way to recover toons that have been deleted to check them?
After you open your stash, type the word puzzle. Your cursor is put in the search box whenever you open your inventory.

As for deleted characters, unless you were storing them all on one character, a rollback may work. Not too sure if it does though so be sure to inquire about it first.
On the Create Hero screen (click Switch Hero) you will see options on the bottom right side of the screen that that have buttons for Rebirth and Delete.

To the left of those buttons there is a small button with a green arrow that swoops to the left. Click that button and you can undelete your most recently deleted hero... Just one, and only the most recent one you deleted. That hero will come back with all the gear equipped and stored in its backpack.
@Magickmoon : I think a rollback is a bad idea... you'd have to remember when you last saw those Puzzle rings... and then roll the entire account back before then... which means you'd lose everything you've earned since that restore point. That's a lot to lose depending how far you need to roll back... the season is only 2½ weeks old... do you really want to rollback a week or so and lose all that progress ?

And for what ? gold and gems ??? If there's something I don't need in non-season, it's more gold and more gems.

Get yourself a level 50 Boon of the Hoarder and visit the ruins of Corvus and have a field day !! or more than one depending how much gold you want.

How many gems do you need ? Have you got a Broken Crown handy ?

Finally.... remember you only have 3 rollbacks for the entire life of your account.... are you really sure you want to use one of them to try and recover those Puzzle rings.

Edit : Did you rebirth some of your non-season heroes ? if you did, did you get all the equipment that was mailed back to your non-season heroes ? check ! That mail only last for 30 days or so. Start a new game with one of your non-season heroes, and check if you have mail in the bottom left corner... if you have, open it and move the stuff to your stash... assuming you want to keep that stuff.
Basically they last played on their then seasonal hero, it got rolled over to non-season and the 30 days may be expired or expiring. As said above, check mail and if not there, then they are gone.

Mail icon will be at the bottom left side of the screen. Within it should be any items left over from the previous season, but you only have 30 days from the end of the season or the last time you logged in (which I don't trust).

Good luck!
thank you all so much for the help and you are right Boubou it is not worth loosing all I have gotten done this season to get them back. This is 1 of my best seasons I have had so far and really don't want to loose how far I gave come. Again thank you all/

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