Blizzcon 2019: D2LOD Remaster or Diablo Immortal?

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My thought :-

1) This is BlizzCon not DiabloCon so I can't expect a big announcement per year :(

2) Diablo : Immortal had been announced once, some PC Players already said no explicitly, if I'm boss I will silence in front of PC Players and advertise it to Mobile Players only.

3) Blizzard already said there will no new Diablo Game this year but I still hope that they will give us some information of their unannounced Diablo Projects :)
04/26/2019 01:07 PMPosted by SolarNova
i also would not be surprised in the slightest if Blizz just goes full "don't give a f*ck" mode and making that POS game a big part of Blizzcon 2019, because they have not exactly been on the side of the community/gamer for a good while now.

You said it;
D2LOD for sure.

DI can DIe.
04/26/2019 09:41 AMPosted by fathom
Which would you prefer? D2LOD Remaster or Diablo Immortal expansion patch

Why is this post disliked so much? What?
How about d2 remaster free with preorder for d4 or free regardless of whether it was preordered.

Lets focus on what matters.

A revival and something new but familiar to what we all are wanting. A successor to d2. A true one.
This reminds me of a movie saying..

"Be afraid, be very afraid..."

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