Rerolling Band of Untold Secrets

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Tried reroll this ring? No longer drops -kept mine because Crit% Crit Dmg At Spd %life Skt. May come out wrong, because no longer drops?Anyone tried/could I get a Bliz Blue post?
These 5 stats +1 other (gold fnd) make it best item for my build, but I need to max it out to optimum by rerolling! If I gamble it in the cube and get something different - will be devastated!
Technically it should since legacy items still roll with their old values.

However I'm not 100% sure on this ring since it's the only item I have seen that has no link to it's item page, meaning the might have entirely deleted it from the pool so it's hard to know what would happen, imo I would rather wait till a PTR and attempt a reroll there.
I'm hoping that someone has 2 in their inventory to experiment or one of the Blizz admin know/could test it? Been playing Diablo since the first game came out as my game of preference. Help would be great!
If you are trying to re roll, then I assume you aren't happy with it. That ring will always roll Vit, AIS, Movement Speed, and 3 random. So you are praying for natural of Crit Crit socket, so you can roll Movement Speed to main stat.

I have to believe it will be easier to find a good Stone of Jordan.

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