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Console Bug Report
Since the latest update, my character (necromancer) will not speak and the interactions with several characters does not complete. My character will no longer speak at all during fights or gameplay.
Ditto. I started a character today (also necromancer) and just get silence and a speech bubble of ellipses when she should be speaking.
I'm having the same problem on my xbox one x
I've had the same problem, but how do I fix this problem?
Blizzard seems to be ignoring this issue. It's been ongoing since the last update weeks ago.
Avatar related joking aside, I'm having the same issue. Just bought D3 Eternal for X1X and was so excited to use the Necromancer character... but I may hold off until I can hear the voice lines as I've never been through the story. It affects Male or Female Necro characters for me, zero voice lines from me but NPCs are fine.
Same here. Started to play on my Xbox One and my main character has no voice, only subtitles. The rest of the characters seem fine but this is really annoying.
I guess they will eventually address this. Has anyone made a ticket?
I bought the necro pack some time ago. It was voiced fine until the recent update by Blizzard. Now she doesn't speak at all except at cut scenes. Very depressing. Since I really liked playing her.

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