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Hey, I'm a returning player and I've unlocked the higher difficulties by completing the campaign. My friend was considering buying the game, if I create a master level difficulty game, can he join it despite not completing the campaign?
Difficulty levels up to and including Torment 6 are available prior to LV 70 in any mode. Once you reach LV 70, all difficulty levels become available.

Note: That means the base game can only go up to Torment 6 regardless. You need the RoS expansion to get to LV 70 and open up all Torment difficulty levels.

The only thing that requires completing campaign mode (once for each of normal and hardcore modes) is unlocking Adventure mode for non-seasonal play. Adventure mode is available to everyone in seasons (also requires the RoS expansion).
Thanks for that info, is this wiki out of date then?
It says "You’ll unlock Master difficulty when any of your characters completes the game". I'm specifically hoping to do the campaign with him on Master difficulty ( which I have access to myself, which is why I was wondering if I start the game if he'd be able to join )
You appear to be correct. I was (un)lucky enough to still have my D3 savefile on my PS4 Pro so I checked there. Despite my character having only been LV 52 last time I played it's LV 60, but I have not yet completed the campaign and the difficulty level is indeed locked to Normal and Expert only. That means the reason I didn't notice the locks on my PC characters is because I'd previously unlocked the difficulties via their respective requirements and up to T6 was available to me on a LV 1 character as a result. My console character is in fact locked to Expert or below as the game guide states should be the case.

Your friend should be able to enter a game that you create though, as long as you are both at the same expansion level. You could power level him and help him get to the end of the campaign by creating a game set to the final quest in Act 5. You might need to first do the final quest in Act 4 to "unlock" Act 5 and then exit the game and make a new one with the quest to find and kill Malthael in Act 5. That'd be the fastest way to get his game "completed" (he can go back and do the campaign afterward for real by resetting his quests if he likes).

Doing this will also unlock Adventure mode for him in non-seasonal play as well. Do note that you'll need to help him do this on each mode if he wants everything unlocked for both normal and hardcore modes, as each mode has separate unlocks.
Your friend will not be able to join a game set at a higher difficulty that he has not yet unlocked on the account and mode he is playing.

Edit: if you plan on power leveling him, it is better to have him create the game so the level scales with his character level.
05/06/2019 09:51 AMPosted by Dreyda
Edit: if you plan on power leveling him, it is better to have him create the game so the level scales with his character level.

This is the opposite of true. It's way faster to run a lvl 70 game for power leveling. Plus that way you get DBs and level 70 items that you could use while PLing.

As far as unlocking torment 6 and adventure mode, you might need to go to the kill malthael quest in campaign and run your friend through that first.
How about Torment level over 9000!!!!!

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