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Hello there..

My friend and i were doing Bounties and when we reach the last of ALL the bounties it bugs and we cant complete it..

The Bounty name is: Bounty: The Cursed Ethernal Chest
Located top right corner of act 3.
The problem is... There is no Cursed Chest anywhere.

This is anoying..
05/20/2019 03:52 AMPosted by GiveItAll
The problem is... There is no Cursed Chest anywhere.
Did you go in the Eternal woods ? if not, ie, if you entered Sescheron, you went to the wrong place.
It said go to Sescheron and it was blinking when ever i left it.. sooo has to be a bug :S
Not a bug. You use the Sescheron waypoint, but then you have to enter the Eternal Woods. This is to the right and is indicated when you arrive at the waypoint.
Pay a little attention to what you're supposed to be doing.
waw toxic much
@GiveItAll : I do not wish to debate this further... I'm just trying to help you.

I finally got the Cursed Eternal Chest bounty so I took a screenshot from the Sescheron waypoint :

As you can see, the flashing circle (or whatever you call that in English) is to the right of the waypoint... towards the Eternal Woods.... not in Sescheron per se.

Hopefully, that will help you the next time you have that bounty.

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