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Aside from that the Wizard's Energy Shields (and all kinds of other energy shields from items that are usable by other classes as well), could need a visual overlay on top of the health globe to show how much energy shield a char has, there is one particular Wizard passive skill that could kinda use a redesign to be more in line with the fantasy of an Energy Shield: Galvanizing Ward.

Currently, Galvanizing Ward immediately gives you an energy shield that absorbs damage based on 60% of your max life, but first after you have not taken damage for 5 seconds. But the fantasy of an energy shield is more like that it recharges over a few seconds after you have not taken damage, but not that it instantly comes back to 100% of its power.

So instead of being at 100% power after not having taken damage for 5 seconds, the shield could start to recharge after ~2 seconds of not having taken damage and replenish over the next 3 seconds. That means that if you have not taken damage for 2 seconds, every 0.5 seconds after that, the shield would recharge to give you 10% of your maximum life as Energy Shield, which means that after 3 seconds of recharge, it would have reached its maximum capacity of 60% of your like as Energy Shield again.

No much would change, except that your shield would start to recharge faster and it would be more fluid to use and play around with during combat.

Edit: you also get the Energy Shield from the Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard legendary gem after 4 seconds, while you gain the Energy Shield from Galvanizing Ward after 5 seconds.
There is a great variety of set that I enjoy. But I'd like to provide a suggestion for the game to correspond better to a player like me.

I feel that the game lack interesting builds for people like me, who love being the original snowflake among the others. What I strive for in a game is to feel that my character is unique, not because of its name, but because of its gameplay. To illustrate that, the dream would be, when joining an online rift, having people wonder "What build is that, I've never seen it ?".
However, I am not a theorycrafter either. I do not like math, but do like to play strong things. A difficult dilema.
But there may be a solution, not really game-changing.

Here's an idea of a solution (Well, my problem may be specific to me, but I hope this could enhance the game) :
Instead of skill-specific sets, I would like to have more viable options for a main-skill when using a set.
For example, take the N6M4 current build (so, 6 natalya pieces and 4 marauder). Almost everyone uses Cluster arrow with it, but i had seen someone use multishot instead, some times ago. However, it was not as strong. What I would like is to be able to use the same set but personalize some nuances to it, like choosing what generator to use with it, while not losing power.
I understand that this is a difficult thing - There is almost always something stronger, even if not for %damage, because of AOE vs Single target, projectile delay, and subtle things like that -.

Oh, and my dream would be to play Sentry Chain of Torment.
04/26/2019 03:11 PMPosted by Nevalistis
What skill would you like to see have more support?

Zombie Bears
Acid Cloud
Mass Confusion
Big Bad Voodoo

Bone spear
Army of the Dead
A good and simple "fix" for Rend, or at least to make Rend more useful, is to incorporate the effect of the Mutilate rune into the base effect of this skill, which is that enemies take xx% more damage from all sources while they are under the effect of Rend. A 10% or a 15% damage increase from all sources sounds good imo.

That would give other builds more of an incentive to also use Rend as a secondary damage dealing skill in addition to their main damage dealing skill, because skills like Hammer of the Ancients, Whirlwind etc would also (indirectly) get buffed by it.

The Mutilate rune then can keep its current effect, but simply increases the amount of additional damage enemies take while under the effect of Rend further, so this wouldn't require much tweaking.

If more stuff is required to make Rend more appealing to players, its base duration can be increased from 5 seconds to somewhere around 7-8 seconds while still keeping the same damage per second.
I play Necro this season, and I globally agree about the skills asked to be up/revamped.

Revive looks cool, but it's unusable ATM. Rathma's is too focused on SM right now, and we don't have many supporting legendaries for Revive, since we only have Mask of Scarlet death.

Same for Bone spear, but here, the issue for me is the lack of AOE. With Maltorius's Petrified Spike, we have multiplier, and we can add Scythe of the Cycle with it. But the Essence Cost is tremendous. 40 is too high with the legendary.
-> Damages are too low, and the lack of AoE doesn't play in his favor.

We could add some Phylacteries, since we have only 4 legendaries. One for Bone Spear, and another one for revive.
Really want to play something new for necromancer and wizard.
Meteor, archon, corpse lancer and skeletal mage is dominating for too long.

I want to play a DOT firebird wizard, energy twister wizard, revive necro and army of the dead necro.
LON Rapid Fire is a nice addition to the DH's build options. It does remind me of the M6 Cluster Bomb build but minus the need for sentries and a lot more mobile.

I'm just waiting for end of season so I can slap together the build on my alt account... I mainly play DH in SC on that account so now I will have a character with M6 Cluster, N6/M4, Shadow Impale, UE MS (dps and farming variants), UE Elemental Arrow (for fun) and now LON Rapid Fire for fun. I'd love a primal dawn so I can make a UE Chakram build for fun.
04/25/2019 05:17 PMPosted by Ponchik
Have u even tried
İt sucks

They should have buffed strafe instead i guess might be abetter choice
yeah old Natalya build with strafe got stuff done better moving wise.
Tyrael's Might
Random mainstas
+1 Random Magic Properties
Resistance to All Elements
+[50 - 100]% Damage to Demons
Ignores Durability Loss
Sockets (3)
Legendary affix:
Reflects all control effects back to the attacking enemy.

For example:
If the enemy is trying to freeze you, then he will be frozen instead of you.
If the enemy tries to stun you, then he will be stunned instead of you.

and ofc 50-100% Damage to Demons will be supergood for goblin hunt :D hehe
06/18/2019 04:06 PMPosted by ParaBellum
please devs buff dmg and up chance to 100% for this fun legendaris :)

Sky Splitter https://us.diablo3.com/en/item/sky-splitter-Unique_Axe_1H_005_p2
Odyn Son https://us.diablo3.com/en/item/odyn-son-Unique_Mace_1H_002_x1
Wizardspike https://us.diablo3.com/en/item/wizardspike-Unique_Dagger_010_x1_210
The Butcher's Sickle https://us.diablo3.com/en/item/the-butchers-sickle-Unique_Axe_1H_006_x1
Demon Machine https://us.diablo3.com/en/item/demon-machine-Unique_XBow_001_x1
Cluckeye https://us.diablo3.com/en/item/cluckeye-Unique_Bow_015_x1
Pus Spitter https://us.diablo3.com/en/item/pus-spitter-Unique_XBow_012_x1
Scourge https://us.diablo3.com/en/item/scourge-Unique_Sword_2H_004_x1
Death Watch Mantle https://us.diablo3.com/en/item/death-watch-mantle-Unique_Shoulder_002_p2
Deathseer's Cowl https://us.diablo3.com/en/item/deathseers-cowl-Unique_Helm_102_x1
Storm Crow https://us.diablo3.com/en/item/storm-crow-Unique_WizardHat_004_x1
Wyrdward https://us.diablo3.com/en/item/wyrdward-Unique_Ring_102_p2

randomly 50-100% for each of this items will be so good :D

Sadly, that alone still would not make them too useful, unless the massive skill-specific multipliers (aka stuff like HotA deals 800% increased damage) on sets and legendaries will be nerfed at the same time.

They perfectly could remove a '0' from the multipliers on set and legendaries that give skill specific damage bonuses and these sets and legendaries still would be the best, even if the legendaries you mentioned above have a 100% proc chance.
"Finally", was my first thought after seeing the patch notes for the first time.

Rapid Fire buff has been requested for years. It's a good start. I hope also some other skills will be revisited, too:


Feel free to add something.

Keep up the good job!

Best regards,

Nothing else needs to be stated here.
04/26/2019 03:11 PMPosted by Nevalistis
However, I really love this topic because it gives insight as to what skills you guys feel need more love. I can't promise exact changes in the future, but I'd really like to see conversation in here progress and evolve.

  • What skill would you like to see have more support? Is there one with a great fantasy/flavor you like, but doesn't have much power behind it?
  • Is there a class fantasy you feel isn't very fulfilled right now? Something you really want to be able to do with a class, but just isn't possible?

Thanks for being open with your opinions and thoughts on this. <3 Just remember to keep it constructive and on-topic. I'm not afraid to enforce either of those things. ;)

It would be nice, if we could have a kind of Basic-6-Piece-Set for the Wizard. This Basic-Set is completely open and similar to the LoN-Set - but only for Wizards. It is complemented by weapons, orbs and other legendariy items, to change the skills and the playstyle of this entire Set. LoN-Builds are also possible with this Set.

Wizard-Set – Set of the Illusionist
Head, Shoulders, Torso, Hands, Legs, Feet.

(2) Set:
Decreases the Cooldown of Teleport by 66%.
For 11 seconds after you Teleport, your attack speed is increased by 11%.

(4) Set:
For 11 seconds after you Teleport, you will take 55% less damage and your movement speed is increased by 66%.

(6) Set:
Primary Skills deal 666% more damage.
For 11 seconds after you Teleport, your damage is increased by 9999%.



With these legendary items you can use Magic Missile or Piercing Orb as Main-Skill, very similar to the Crusaders Captain-America-Build:

Magic Missile
Magic Missile now deals 666% weapon damage, becomes a Seeker, searching for targets, and bounce between targets.

Piercing Orb
Piercing Orb now deals 666% weapon damage, moves forward in a straight line, searches for enemies and bounce between targets.

Piercing Orb
Increases the size of Piercing Orb.
Piercing Orbs deals 333% increased damage to the first target, hit.
There's a chance, that Piercing Orb electrocutes enemies for 333% weapon damage as Lightning along its path, in a wide area.

With these legendary items you can use Hydra now similar to the Traps of the Assassin:

(2) Set: 1-Handed-Wand / Orb
You may have 5 extra Hydras active at a time.
Hydra now lasts 30 seconds. When you or your Hydras deal damage, there is a chance that the remaining time of your active Hydras will be reset by 1 second (so that the Hydra last longer).

Serpent's Sparker
You may have one extra Hydra active at a time.
Your Hydras periodically release Explosions of the same damage type. Explosion immediately deals 1111% weapon damage as Arcane, Cold, Fire or Lightning to all enemies within 15 yards.

The Magistrate
You may have one extra Hydra active at a time.
All Hydras now periodically cast Frost Nova.


The following legendary items can be used in addition, to enhance the Basic-Set even further:

With this legendary weapon, Explosion could be used in a very different way, supporting other skills like Magic Missile and Piercing Orb.

Increases your damage by 333%.
Damaging enemies with Arcane, Cold, Fire or Lightning has a very high chance to trigger an Explosion of the same damage type on hit, at the target location. Explosion immediately deals 1111% weapon damage as Arcane, Cold, Fire or Lightning to all enemies within 15 yards.

With this legendary weapon, Arcane Torrent could be used in a very different way, as a kind of auto-cast-support-skill. The Wizard can release lots of Arcane Missiles in quick succession in all directions onto enemies, which somehow visually reminds on the Necromancers Corpse Lance.

Arcane Torrent / Magic Weapon
Increases your damage by 333%.
While Magic Weapon is active, you periodically shoot single Arcane Torrent Missiles onto random targets, each dealing 666% weapon damage as Arcane, Fire or Lightning, based on your selected Magic Weapon Rune. Several Missiles can be shoot at the sam time. While casting a spell you release more Arcane Missiles more often. The longer you cast a spell, the more, and the faster you shot Arcane Missiles.

With this legendary weapon, Mirror Image could be used as a kind of auto-cast-support-skill. Furthermore, there is no longer a push effect, when summoning a Mirror Image!

Mirror Image
Increases your damage by 333%.
Chance when attacking to summon a Mirror Image (there is no longer a push effect, when summoning a Mirror Image!) that cast some of your equipped skills. Mirror Images can not be killed and each lasts for 33 seconds. When you or your Mirror Images deal damage, there is a chance that the remaining time of the Mirror Images will be reset by 1 seconds (so that they last longer). Spells cast by your Mirror Images will deal 33% of the damage of your own spells. You can have up to 6 Mirror Images at the same time.

Here are some more suggestions:

Familiar calls all 5 Familiars to your side.
Your damage is increased by 66,6% for every Familiar you have active.

Arcane Power
Increases your maximum Arcane Power by 55% and you regenerate 11 Arcane Power every second. You deal 2,5% more damage for each point of your Arcane Power.

Ice-, Storm-, Energy-Armor
All 3 Armors (Ice-, Storm, -Energy-Armor) may now be active at the same time. Each active Armor increases your damage by 111%.

Slow Time
Increases your damage by 333%.
For 11 seconds after you Teleport, you receive Slow Time that follows you.
06/23/2019 06:54 AMPosted by Azathoth
The Magistrate
You may have one extra Hydra active at a time.
All Hydras now periodically cast Frost Nova.

They need to improve the rate that frost nova casts following this nerf:


But after the crowd control change to enemies, frost nova is almost next to useless. The other casualty is Winter Flurry.

Really, I wish they'd change Serpent Sparker to add an extra Hydra, include a damage buff and also have the Hydra(s) attack the target you're attacking if your attack is the same element as the Hydra.

DMO needs be changed to support all signature skills and also include Hydra, not just for the damage buff but also for proccing the 2, 4 and 6pc bonuses. Slow Time alone is a pain and it would be great to have enemies hit by Hydra take more damage.

DMO is the one set that allows one to focus on one element that is not fire and play a proper caster build. It really needs to facilitate some lightning and arcane summoning builds and not be so cold centric with Frozen Orb. As much as we could use LON, it's not good for Wizards that needs both Manald Heal and one of the DR rings.
I liked the new bonus of Sage's Journey! big thx devs :) but what if...

suggestion: transfer (3)p bonus from Sage's Journey to Sun Keeper as a legendary affix.

Sage's Journey
(2) Set:
+250 Strength
+250 Dexterity
+250 Intelligence
+250 Vitality
(3) Set:
Reduces all resource costs by 25.0%
Reduces cooldown of all skills by 25.0%

new legafix for Sun Keeper: Double the amount of Death's Breath that drop.

Thus, the Sage's Journey will remain in demand, and with a new Sun Keeper each class will be able to farm more db.
I still could give feedback on skills like Revenge, Spike Trap or Firebats, but I think it would be good to tell us to what extend the dev team is willing and able to make changes at this late stage of the game.

Are they willing and able to create new special effects on legendaries, new animations for skills, new effects for runes, or is the best we can ask for a bit of number tweaking on skills and items at this point in time?

That way we can give better, more useful feedback.
^ A very good point. Now we just assume that we are receiving the very last patches - so we just ask for simple damage buffs.
I've been thinking about this for a while and I think the demon hunter could use a viable pet build as well.
The Marauder set increases damage for sentries but not for your companions, although we have the belt that provides up to 9% dmg reduction per active companion.
I don't know how or what legendaries could be used but I think its a viable fantasy...given we have runes for each companion but no companion damage multiplier except maybe wolf's active skill which is just a % dmg increase for a limited time.
In all honesty, fifth set for all would be an awesome addition. Too late for that, I guess.

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