I LOVE the Rapid Fire buff

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DOT damage is more relevant at higher level play, seems an important factor.

-i use direct damage on all classes, but i play them at the highest level where their build stays fun and DOT is not 'needed' yet.
go go rimeheart, all the way up to the moon baby xd
Chakram with rune Shuriken Cloud
Surround yourself with a cloud of spinning Chakrams, dealing 200% weapon damage per second as Physical to nearby enemies. Lasts 10 minutes.

plz dvs make: shurikens rotation now scale with Attack Speed (not per second)

and buff Sword of Ill Will plz :)
06/27/2019 07:25 AMPosted by Ruined
So, how many votes each skill got after eighteen first pages:

Phalanx 21
Fist of the Heavens 21
Shield Bash 6
Heaven's Fury 3
Falling Sword 2

Weapon Throw 16
Bash / Cleave / Rend 15*
Frenzy 14
Ancient Spear 12
Revenge 9
Overpower 5
Call of the Ancients 4
Avalanche 3
War Cry 3
Whirlwind 3
Lightning barb 3
Leap 2
* Sorry for bundling these three skills

Hydra 32
Blizzard 23
Mirror Image 20
Signature Spells 9
Ray of Frost 8
Teleport 8
Electrocute 8
Disintegrate 7
Black Hole 7
Twisters 7
Arcane Orb 6
Slow Time 6
Wave of Force 4
Conjuration Skills 4
Magic Missile 4

Demon Hunter:
Elemental Arrow 21
Strafe 20
Chakram 16
Spike Trap 16
Rapid Fire 12
Bolas 6
Caltrops 6
Companion 4
Hungering Arrow 5
Entangling Shot 3
Marked for Death 3
Fan of Knives 2

Revive 17
Army of the Dead 11
Bone Spirit 6
Bone Spear 6
Mirinae buff 4
Skeletal Mages 4
Golem 3
Corpse Explosion 2

Witch Doctor:
Zombie Bears/charger 19
Acid Cloud 11
Frogs/Spiders 10
Piranha / Bogodile 7
Grasp of the Dead 6
Zombie dog 5
Wall of Death 4
Fire Bomb 4
Sacrifice 4
Locust Swarm 3
Mass Confusion 3
Fetishes 2
Haunt 2
Big Bad Voodoo 2
Toad of Hugeness 1

Tempest Rush 9
Sweeping Wind 6
Shenlong 4
Lashing Tail Kick 1

Rimeheart 6
Asheara's Vestments 6
Broken Promises 3
proc coefficients rework 2

I might have done some mistakes but this will give some perspect how the votes are shared.


We've done this in the past, and they gave us nothing. D3 Devs have a bad habit of ignoring all kinds of good feedback - even easy to implement feedback.

Keep your hopes low. I just wish they had have supported d3 until d4 was ready to launch. D4 may not launch for a year or two more. To me, keeping your fanbase happy until the next installment was ready was given.

The PTR should launch in a week or two. We shall see.
I have moderately high hopes, them being such that at least 1 skill for each class from TOP 3 is buffed.

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