Pokémon Stadium (1999/2000) Storage Solution

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It looks like they call this Pokémon Bank now. This is the answer to the item management problem that you've been looking for.

Add a new mode for item management between all characters, the regular stash and the new glacier-like stash that can only be accessed in that mode. Extra item storage without impacting performance of the main game.

Mode shouldn't need a 3D environment. Recycle the normal storage management interface elements as needed. You've got room in the middle where the game would normally be for a stash select on the left and character select on the right. Make the icon for the new stash something like an ice cube to illustrate the nature of this cold storage and display a reminder that it can't be accessed in a regular game.
We already have a version of it in game. It is called Mail. Now if they would decide to act on that to make it two way and be a storage item function is a question

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