Set Item Bonus + Ring of Royal Grandeur

Bug Report
I was playing with 5/6 items of the Raiment of the Jade Harvester and the Ring of Royal Grandeur equipped. The (6) item bonus was working as intended.

When I was toying with my build, and equipped the Ring of Royal Grandeur's ability via the Horadric Cube, the set item bonus stopped working.

Now, no matter which I equip (item or Horadric ability), the (6) set bonus is lit up (green) but not working.

I am trying to get the 6/6th item to check to see if the full set bonus works as intended, or if the ring fiasco has broken it entirely.
Luckily I just found the head piece and could complete the set without the ring.

The (6) item bonus is still not working as it was before I double-equipped the ring ability.
Not a bug, please either go to your class forums or the new player forum for help as you are missing a key point to the jade set. Re-read both the descriptions of your skills, your passives and the items carefully and you will find out what your missing. But this is a bug report forum, not a help forum.
This is due to the way jade harvester interacts with the creeping death passive. In order to get the full benefit from the 6 set, you need the passive skill. This is not a bug and is intended to interact this way.

While I understand that Dragonmaster is trying to help you help yourself, I believe the interaction between the set and passive skill is inherently unclear, even after reading the descriptions of both.

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