Fully Geared IK HOTA got 2 shotted...

Ive been a barb player since the game 1st hit. Now, i came back for S17 to have some more barb fun. I play mainly HC.
My first IK HOTA build, which wasnt even complete, i was still using IK weapon. Was able to farm GR70, and I felt like I could go up to GR75 with it easily. Unfortunatly when I went into a GR71, i got DCd and lost my toon...
Got a new barb, and after about 18 hours of play, finally got mt first The Slanderer. Excited that I finally finished the build and have all the pieces, went and mid maxed my gear.
Was playing on T13 and doing some bounties with friends on my WW build, quickly got to Urzael, and went to swap in my new and beefy IK HOTA build. I was super excited that i FINALLY got it finished, went in to kill Urzael, to get 2 shotted by him. On T13.
My WW build wouldve had an easier time with it... so what gives??
I wasnt using Aquila Cuiras in the cube... and I dont even think I should be at T13. But i got 2 shotted. It was brutal. I cried. And then rolled a necro
I don't like Urzael on HC. His flamethrower really hurts, and when the wooden structure starts burning, that hurts too. That said, with a close range build like hota, you have to keep moving around him, so he doesn't get a chance to burn you.
Yup Urzy is no fun sometimes. I've lost 2 Barbs to him, both could handle GR80+.

I use Aquila in the cube for my Hota build. Make sure you are hammering the ground to keep fury up so it kicks in. I died once as I let my fury drop too low. Other time was when BoM came off cool down due to Urzy doing his "have a chat" moment.

Gooey is right too, Urzys fire damage is a hurt-fest.
Try Leap barb. I can easily farm 85 GR with out any ancient items. See my profile HC seasons. Once you learn the rotation he's pretty tanky.

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