Herald of Zakarum - "I don't remember that item"

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From years ago, but still pretty funny and worth a share.

Keep in mind, this is the most used unique shield in the game next to Stormshield.

"W-What did the item do? Does it look cool?"
LMAO. Thank you for dropping in a good laugh (and a reminder) for the masses.
My go-to shield as a pvp smiter.
Every Paladin used this shield for Hell Baal runs.
It is funny and weird that the devs and associates of the Diablo team don't know much about it.

Yet hundreds of thousands of us know these items by use over the years.

And we are the ones left in the lurch when They choose to go elsewhere.
Gotta love that the down vote bot doesn't like D2 nostalgia.
I didn't know about this video.
That's pretty embarassing to be honest.
You first gotta ask if John Yang ever played D2, second, if there's a belittling motive behind those words. Asking "does it look cool", simplifies the matter, while utterly compares D3's legendary extractable powers with D2's minimalistic design.

As far as I'm concerned only Don Vu and Wyatt Cheng were heavily into previous Diablo games from the crew. And perhaps Jay "doubled it" Wilson, but I kinda doubt it; he more likely only played mods. If there are any other I don't know about them. It's only natural that some people from the crew who didn't grew up with D2, just don't get the design model used back then.
Not only they didn't know about an iconic item, they didn't even get the meaning of 'loot hunt' right.

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