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I'm gearing up a monk for a Sunwuko/WoL build. I've got a few slots that still need specific gear just to get to the starter levels (i.e., not even going after Ancients or, far beyond my level, Primals).

This isn't my only character I'm trying to gear up for a build, so I'm looking for general strategies.

What slots are better to gamble through Blood Farming? And what slots are better to gamble through Forg Soul Farming (i.e., upgrading rares)?
It begins with common sense - notice that armor costs 25 shards while rings 50, weapons 75 and amulets 100.

To me the cost of everything else is so discouraging that I don't suggest them, but if you have a fair amount, you can use set convert + reforge + upgrade.

I hope someone comes around with specific advice, some people keep a list of possible legendaries per slot and then gamble for the one with the highest likelihood of upgrade, be it a set item for conversion or a missing next step.

First you could simply work slot by slot, gamble until you have a fitting one or ancient in all slots, then a fitting ancient in all slots. Considering the excessive set bonuses, go for the set first.

Looking at your character - don't be shy to try and reforge until you get a better roll of the given stat. You can always keep the previous roll.
I'd like to know this too. I got a perfectly rolled primal in geom. I didn't have the stash space to keep the set, so I need to farm the set again and get the wave of light bracers.
My general strategy is to first worry about using blood shards to gamble the 6 set I want. I save all souls and breath during this time to reroll any extra set pieces to help get the 6 set first. Then I gamble for 25 blood shard armor slots that have powers that buff the builds damage output while I upgrade weapons with the cube to get an ancient version of the weapon my build needs. Then I generally use gambling to go for rings I need and the cube to upgrade amulets if need be.
There is a short term best practice and a long term best practice.

In the short term you gamble for the items that you must have for your target build. I always focus on the cheaper ones early just in case I get a lucky drop of one of the more expensive ones.

Once you have "One of everything" then the focus is on the hard-to-get affix combos. If you must have trifecta rings then that is probably where all of your later shards will go.

I seriously farm act mats to reforge amulets because they are so expensive to gamble for and because there are so many in the pool that's it's rare just to get the one you want let alone a good roll on the one you want.

A good weapon is so important that I save every rare 'base type' item for the weapon I'm looking for and use all my Death's Breath upgrading. The pool for one-hand (as well as two-hand) weapons is so huge it is pointless to use shards.

tl;dr Early shards to get build completed. Late shards to get correct affixes on cheap gear. Upgrade rares to get a good weapon. Reforge when the items has a large pool.
One additional tip: since all sets are so strong in terms of dmg right now, very offten if it goes about farming the issue is dmg reduction, not lack of dmg. So, after completing the set I would spend bloodshards on some defensive options. That helps with farming and transitioning into t13 very fast.

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