Why are we still joining ongoing GRs in pub games?

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Makes no sense.
Because you'd never join a game if they restricted joining a session with a GR already active.

The real question is why can't we join the GR that is going, up to a certain point. Maybe at 70% or less or something.
The real question here is why is there no game lobby feature like in D2? We need a better lobby system so we can pair up easily with other players that are doing the same GRs. I'm so sick of joining a random pub game and everyone has different GRs levels in mind.
Diablo only knows...and he's dead ...or is heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

Jokes aside, at this point I'd happily join a GR already in progress and just have the percentage of the GR I missed deducted from my total gold and XP clear bonus upon finishing the GR. Heck disallow me to upgrade gems and get any legendaries off the boss if I joined after the GR was already started. Taking those deductions seems like it'd be a much better alternative than the GR Join Roulette mini game we currently have to play.

And that might actually help us get into a flow with a group of 4 afterwards. As it stands now public GR "matchmaking" is a time sink nightmare.

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