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came back to D3 after 3 months and suddenly the game has no sound at all. Have done somewhat everything i could find that has been a solution in the past, but none has worked. Any ideas?
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Hey Gritsu,

Try checking for programs that may alter or "enhance" your sound, like MSI Nahimic or ASUS Sonic Studio 3. Sometimes these types of programs can actually cause the game to have no sound at all rather than improving the sound. If you have anything like that installed try uninstalling it temporarily to see if the problem goes away.

Feel free to post your DXDIAG for us to look at as well if you still need help.
Hi Jambrix,

That did the work, closed sonic studio 3 and everything works fine now. That is jsut odd since i had everything disabled in ss3 but it still seemed to cause erros. Thanks for the assist.

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