My Mages keep disappearing.(help)

It's been happening more frequently and it's seriously pissing me off because it costs me some serious GR pushes.

Essenatially, I run a LON Mage build. Sometimes when I summon the first two mages they "appear" then suddenly diappear. No attacks, nothing. Just appear, float then disappear. It costs all my mana like usual, but they do nothing. This has actually happened 3 times in a row once.

Is this normal? Is maybe the mob killing the mages or something? They don't even leave a corpse behind.
It is happening to me too and I am not sure why yet. Hopefully someone can help elaborate on why.
Are you running the final service passive? If this procs it consumes all minions, which us probably what is happening to you.
I just realized this. Yeah it is definitely happening with final service. Thanks!

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