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It seems to only be affecting necromancer male and female. I've lost all character voice lines. The subs still appear in those sections, without any dialogue. NPCs continue to be voiced just fine.
Same. It happened right after the most recent patch on xbox one for me. Attempting to uninstall and reinstall now. I'll let you know if this fixes it
Uninstalling and reinstalling did not fix. My guess is that the patch broke it. Hopefully blizzard will see this and provide a fix
Also reinstalled on my end. Didn't fix the issue. A few others on reddit are having the same, seems to only be affecting Necromancer.
This is happening to certain NPCs for me, urshi doesnt speak anymore once you complete a grift (the line "lets see the gem") and im also not being belitted by Kulle anymore and i miss the verbal abuse. Lol
Same here
I have the same issue, I'm surprised at how hard I had to dig to find this forum. Hope they fix it soon. I haven't heard all his dialogue yet.
Same here, female Necro is now mute for most dialogue since the latest patch. Reinstalling didn't help.
Yeah can confirm female necromancer have no voice and i made one right beforevthe patch and she had voicelines now is really sad
I came to these forums to post the same thing. Maybe four days ago the voice worked perfectly fine on my male Necro and then the very next day all lines were silenced except for the voice over cut scene, that still works. As far as I can tell all other NPCs can still be heard, but I also haven't played through the whole game yet either.

I'm on the XBox One X if that makes any difference, and like the others who mentioned it uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't work.
Side note: some NPC dialogue doesn't play either, for example I just found Covetous Shen, and while his first dialogue clip played normally, the second or third line dropped out completely. Also Leah sounds like her voice is at about half the volume of the other characters who have voiced dialogue. Not sure if these are related.
Oh good, it's not just me. Hopefully it gets resolved soon, as I am rather fond of the dialogue with the Necromancer being a personal favorite.
Also having voice issues with Necrosis class and certain NPCs
I've created new seasonal Witch, and Kulle has no voice. So far, all other NPC's seem to be fine.
Same issue, Xbox One

and I just bought the necromancer pack after spending the money and never hearing her speak is upsetting.

We love the little quips they make while fighting
Having same issue for Xbox One. Every once in awhile he speaks 1 line but then goes silent again. Pretty annoying tbh. BLIZZ GODS HELP US!!
I'm having the same issue as well with necromancer and Koltun Zulle having no voice. Before I saw the comments here I had also tried to uninstall and re-install, which did not help. I hope they fix this soon.
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Yeah I just reinstalled mine and did the 6gb update, an started a new necromancer on xbx1. Soon as I load into the game none of his voice audio plays even though his head motions play signaling he’s talking, or when I talk to npcs (who’s audio is fine btw) I see his text log pop up for him but no speech audio is occurring.
I am having the same issue. Only with Necromancer no voice

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