Xbox One Voice Gone

Console Bug Report
I first purchased the necromancer pack some time ago and everything worked fine. Now the character that I started months ago has no voice. I think there was another update because the colored cut scenes like burying Caine in the game never played for your second and third character. Now they are playing but the necromancer isn't talking except for the cut scenes between the main missions and the different acts. Terrible
I've been having issue on my Xbox One X too and it's really annoying. I bought this months ago from Bestbuy and at first I thought it was just a setting issue. Most of the books I pick up to read, just don't say anything. Urshi doesn't say anything anymore and neither does Zoltun Kulle and many of the other NPCs. Blizzard hopefully will resolve this soon.
Also can confirm this. No voice coming from the necromancers.
We are also having this problem. It's not just the necromancer's voices however. It is all voice overs from the necromancer dlc, including the new quest area speeches.

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