Not getting season credit (PS4)

Console Bug Report
I have 10/10 in Champion and I am not getting credit. Slayer is complete 10/10 and has the gold checkmark. I completed Slayer and Champion at the same time by mastering a set dungeon (i had not previously beat a set dungeon). Now I have 8/8 on 'Destroyer' but it says I need to complete Champion to unlock... which I did... but I'm not getting credit. What can i do? :(

Here is a video -
Any chance at all of this getting patched?
I am experiencing the same thing but with the Guardian objective, "Flawless Victory." I have completed every other step to this final point, last objective to clean out the season and claim rewards, but the three conquests I have completed are not being credited to me?
same here, all i have to do is complete the 3rd conquest now, but game still thinks im on 'Champion'.

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