Shotgun love

Could you please give some love to the shotgun build? I like the gameplay of the holy shotgun ( not the lazy shotgun ) , i'd like to be able to use the skills i want with it like falling sword or an improved version of consecration

i guess Lon is not a bad start but it's still not good enough ,we need to move fast and have average good dps : make it good so we can use it in team for gr 100 with average gear and use all the fun skills we want
The main thing with Shotgun build is that one of the key Heaven's Fury pieces, the -50% CD on Heaven's Fury, doesn't affect Shotgun. If it was changed to also provide 50% RCR on Heaven's Fury if you pick shotgun would be enough to make it solid.
There are lots of ways to adjust this build so the gearing requirements aren't insane. Since Eberli Charo is seldom used, it makes sense to edit this item. LoN does work with with Akkhan's Addendum + Hexing Pants right now -- and that combo will give a damage / AS boost, although stutter stepping is painful @ 1.5 sheet APS and you need some uniquely rolled items, often sacrificing AS.

Otherwise, switch the spender's element to Fire so Cindercoat + Furnace can be used.

Might as well also buff Akkhan 6pc set bonus to 4000% so we can build it in 2 sets.

It is hard to know what to ask for since we cannot predict if this S17 bonus will live on after the season end. Same with RoRG.

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