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Playing from Abu Dhabi UAE, I always get disconnected with error "The game connection has been lost: your client has been disconnected from the server". This only happens with Diablo 3 and not to any other games such as Overwatch or Dota 2. I have observed this since May 6th. I have a 250 mbps internet by Etisalat. Did a WinMTR to Americas server and had a worst ping time of 2911 to "" and 4744 to "". Same goes to Europe server with worst ping time of 3960 to "".
Hey cLx,

Were you seeing any packet loss during that WinMTR? If you want to post it we can take a look.

The high worst latency on the nodes that end in is actually normal. These routers are set up to de-prioritize ICMP packets (the ones that connection tests use) but the TCP packets (the ones the game uses) should be getting through just fine.

Most likely the disconnections are occurring either at your local network or between your internet provider and our network.

Have you tried connecting through a hotspot or a different connection to see if that prevents it from happening?

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