In Geom Seriously Broken

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In Geom does not proc properly. When killing yellow or blue packs, single or multi pack, to the point orbs drop, does not proc cool-down reduction with in geom.

I did not see any issue until I started getting towards GR65 and I wasn't insta poofing everything when I killed the elites. It only seems to occur when there are a lots of demons on the screen and I'm having to kite with bone armor active.

Before then, I could kill a yellow pack and get 10 seconds of unlimited Blood Rush and Bone Armor. With stuff not instapoofing when I blood rush on top of it, its not recognizing properly.

I think it has something to do with the inarius set, like it only recognizes in geom elite kills if they die in range of my bone armor.
I think you might be confused.
If you kill a blue pack and orb drops, you will get the bonus.

However, and it's where it gets confusing, if you kill a yellow pack leader, hence dropping the purple/golden orbs, In-Geom will, in-fact, NOT proc! :o you need to kill ALL the minions as well!
Mind blowing that one can go so long and not knowing why something happens
With in geom, one must kill all the minions as well to have it proc.

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