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The butterfly wings rewarded last season are now called Lempo's Wings. Anyone know who he was in the lore? And why the change of reward name? They have no problem pushing old rewards now; so why the name?
Lempo is a sort of fiend from Finnish folklore and mythology. Lempo is the god of love and fertility in Finnish mythology.

After Christianity came to Finland, the reputation of Lempo worsened: they are portrayed in the folklore usually as erratic spirit, as love can be capricious, even dangerous, and it could even take control of a being and turn them to destruction.

Lempo brought down the hero Väinämöinen with the help of his two demon cohorts, Hiisi and Paha.

The words "lempo" and "hiisi" are also used as very mild swear words in the Finnish language. "Piru" is a slightly stronger swear word. This is also work of Christians, they weren't originally bad words.
So, is he being 'borrowed' then for Diablo lore?
Lempo was a demon. He was among the most beautiful of demons before he lost his wings. The Wings of Lempo draw inspiration from some of the noblest creatures in Sanctuary. Much of the Diablo lore was borrowed from other sources. In the Bible the Nephalem (loosely translated giants) were the offspring of the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men" before the Deluge. Others who are up on the lore might know more about Lempo. Diablo: Book of Adria covers some of the demons, it might reference him but I am not sure.

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