Cashing in your Challenge Rift Cache

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I've completed the challenge rift, logged to my S16 champ & opened the cache when I could have waited to open it on my new lvl1 S17 champ. Please tell me if there is a way to start clean? Like re-do the challenge once S17 starts tonight after creating my new lvl1 S17 champ?
No. But a new challenge will start on Monday.
I'll already be level 70 by then. So i guess im going to miss out.
They buffed the cache with 35Db's which could have given me a great head start. This sucks :(
Doesn't matter if you waited to open it. You would not have been able to open it with your new S17 character. Only pre-existing characters can open the cache.

You need to create a new season character first, then run the challenge rift. Then you can open the cache with your season character.

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