Seasonal Hero, Adventure/vs Campaign?

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big noob here
I need to complete the compaign to unluck adventure mode, but for seasonal characters it is possible to start adventure mode right away.
As a complete noob with nothing on the account, is it possible to create a seasonal character, level it up to 70 and get items in the adventure mode, then switch to campaign mode and rush through it, and thereby unluck adventure mode for all characters?
Yes. For sure

But for your non seasonal characters, it will be unlocked when the season rolls over.
Yes, as said by storytime.

Note that you can create more than one seasonal characters.

After you level up the first character, you may create other classes if you don't want to wait till season end. Leveling up second char is much easier and faster.

Though I recommend you to focus on one class in a season.
Okay thanks! :)
big noob here...
and thereby unlock adventure mode for all characters?

Just because you can doesn't mean you should. You are going to miss out on the journey, but hey, its a game, so if that is fun for you, have at it!

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