Ice Armor duration bar reset

Bug Report
Patch 2.6.5

I seem to be having an issue with the duration bar of the Ice Armor skill where the bar resets under certain conditions, but the actual spell up-time does not. The duration bar will then decrease smoothly according to the remaining time left on the spell. (I.E., when there is only 30 seconds left, the bar decreases very quickly)

After some experimentation in game, I've found the following:

The effect only happens while under the effect of the Halo of Arlyse ring; either worn on the character or in the Cube.

These actions reset the bar:
Leveling up/gaining Paragon
Picking up any item off of the ground that goes into your inventory (gear, gems)
Dropping an item from your inventory to the ground
Teleporting/changing maps; Town Portal, Waypoint, Rift map exits, etc.
Recycling any item at the Blacksmith shop

These actions do NOT reset the bar:
Picking up materials or blood stones
Picking up gold
Transferring items between inventory and stash
Transitioning between areas on the World map via walking (I.E., going from Southern Highlands to Northern Highlands)

Let me know if there is anything else you need to know, or would like checked.

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