Questions about working around stash tab limits?

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From what I understood, the problem stems from increasing the game's memory footprint, multiplied by the number of players in the game. The question becomes why treat the stash tabs as being equivalent to the player's inventory? Why do the contents of player stashes need to be treated that way? Is it because the player can potentially interact with it in the same manner, picking up and tossing out items directly from the stash?

Is it possible to 'hot-swap' pages in such a manner that the number of stash tabs in memory remain constant, but only certain tabs are ever loaded? For example, what if, instead of having X number of tabs on Y pages, we could have a reasonable number of tabs on a single page (say 6 or 8?), and changing pages unloaded the contents of those stash tabs and loaded up the contents of the tabs on the new page instead? The trade-off of this increase in storage would be that there'd be a delay between changing pages, possibly even a gold surcharge?

Or perhaps another kind of storage solution could be added where the players cannot directly interact with the contents, so its contents don't need to be loaded and shared at all times? Like a 'vault' of sorts, for long-term storage. Pay gold to put things in. Pay gold to take them out. And the method of 'retrieving' the item would be more akin to how items are generated in the first place -- the D3 server essentially recreates the item in question and drops it into the requesting player's inventory -- at which point the information related to that item is then shared to all other players in the game as well. Maybe even have some restrictions -- caldessan enhancements are destroyed, gems get removed, that sort of thing.

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