NS Darts Build Advice?

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Looking forward to putting together a Darts build for my NS WD, but not really sure what is optimal these days. Took a look at the LB and saw high end clears using Sacred Harvester instead of Starmetal, presumably for the damage reduction, but then I also saw Acid Cloud (Acid Rain) used over BBV, which I don’t understand.

Anyone have any build advice for NS?
Acid Cloud is there to proc the damage buff from Zuni's. Starmetal always rolls with CHD and single handedly removes the need for the Zuni 2-piece bonus.

Zuni darts is from 4 years ago. LoN darts was something I came up with 3.5 years ago (it was my s5 build [2015-12-22]).

There are plenty of builds out there for WD darts. Diablofans has tons. It used to be very popular.
05/14/2019 09:40 PMPosted by Hamiltonz
LoN darts was something I came up with 3.5 years ago

had to LOL on that one
Zuni Darts was a very popular build before 2016. I didn't invent Darts, I invented the first LoN Darts build. I'll explain...

    Patch 2.4.0 (2016-01-12) changed three important pieces of gear.
  • Depth Diggers could drop for wizards for the first time.
  • Legacy of Nightmares changed to boost damage for each Ancient item worn
  • Aquila Cuirass got 50% Damage reduction affix.

I was the first person to post a build using those items to the Diablofans web site. after that EVERYONE posted my build with one or two item changes. Most common change was to replace my String of Skulls with Henri's Perquisition. I got called a noob for not know that LoN required no other set pieces when in fact it allowed other set pieces just not other set bonuses.

Yes I have a chip on my shoulder about this, and yes I keep posting GR runs using the original build from January 2016 showing milestones for my build as I originally created it.

Seriously, all those builds out there...where do you think they came from? Someone had to create the first one at some point.
There are two darts builds you'll see, so you'll have to pick one. One uses the Zunimassa set and will have haunt or acid cloud to activate the 6-piece bonus. The other is legacy of nightmares-based and uses big bad voodoo.

The LoN version is more tanky and uses convention of elements. Zunimassa may have a slightly higher ceiling but is a lot squisher than LoN in my opinion. Some variations:

  • Sacred Harvester or Star Metal Kukri
  • Snakes + Zombie Dogs or Homunculus + Sacrifice (glass cannon)
  • Cat + Fetish Army + SMK (speeds)

I prefer Snakes + Zombie Dogs + Sacred Harvester. In S17 with unity and SoJ, you have even more options.

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