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05/08/2019 12:25 AMPosted by Acheronus
Please dont tell me its coz "Grim Dawn is so much better than Diablo 3". I played if for a sum total of 3 hrs and got bored very quickly

I respect that you at least gave it an honest try. Not every game will fit everyone, so hopefully you find another ARPG you enjoy from the other titles that have been listed thus far.

What is it about Grim Dawn you found boring? What is it about Diablo 3 that you prefer when compared to Grim Dawn?
I actually moved on to Warframe about 6 months back. Might seem a slightly odd suggestion at first, but it scratches the action itch very nicely, with fluid, responsive combat and controls. And while it has some hammy talking head bosses, they're hilarious and not tonally dissonant like, for example, Azmodan here. So Warframe may not be the best option if you're looking for something more tonally in line with something like Diablo 2. But for me it struck the notes I was looking for after D3.

Path of Exile on the other hand does have something a lot more like that tone and is just a great game by a great developer. It's always high on my recommendation list for people looking for something new, whether they're coming out of something like the Diablo series or not. But it just didn't work for me personally. The feel of the combat didn't do it for me, nor did Skilldrassil (the amazing skill tree, go look it up if you haven't), but I have friends who really love both of those aspects. Different strokes and all. It might be a great option for you if you haven't tried it yet! :)

I need to check out Grim Dawn one of these days.
05/08/2019 10:06 AMPosted by Tiakatt

I need to check out Grim Dawn one of these days.
No time like the present. Gameplay turned me off of PoE, it was clunky at first and then way to fast at the end... I don't like skills tied to gear sockets, the passive tree is overwhelmed with underwhelming stats.

Grim Dawn has much better combat compared to PoE but honestly not as smooth as D3 (but D3 has also become too fast like PoE). Playing ranged attacker feels kinda like playing a melee attacker - you end up face tanking no matter what. Still worth playing, the dual class system makes building characters so much fun to do again and again just to see which you can make the best. You might build around shamans skill 'primal strike'. For secondary class I tried four different ones got soldier, arcanist, demolitionist, occultist. And then I got builds with those class combos that are built totally different from each other. And then about ten more characters.
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05/07/2019 04:49 PMPosted by McCloud

And remember Zeddicuus put Grim Dawn at the top for a reason.

Have to agree, they have a Diablo 2 mod that lets you play D2 in Grim Dawn and I am loving it.

3 downvotes haha.

wait, you KNOW what, thanks to your expert knowledge of my brain I just realized I am NOT loving the Grim Dawn DIABLO 2 mod Reign of terror:

Thanks peeps, I almost convinced myself that I falsely enjoyed it. Down vote for bad info saved me again...
Warframe surprised me too. What a fun game.

Path of Exile flopped the last season but it's still my favorite ARPG. I didn't start playing it until after Blizzcon and man I wish I had started sooner. The depth is amazing. 1,000 hours in and I'm still learning stuff everyday.
As a day one Diablo player (late 1996) along with spending most of my life playing DIablo 2 starting in the summer of 2000 and now Diablo 3, the only fun Diablo like game that I enjoyed as much was "Marvel Heroes" later rebranded 2015, 2016 and Omega, which David Brevik initially helped create. Just a shame Brevik left Gazillion in January 2016 and that game ultimately shutdown in November of 2017.

People who didn't play Marvel Heroes really missed out. What a true pleasure that experience was. Every time I played I felt like I was the superhero. So many Marvel iconic characters to play with team-up heroes. It played just like Diablo 2 but a lot better with so many more creative skills and play styles with a ton more choices.

Since falling in love with Marvel Heroes for three or four years (and crying when the game shut down), I've been playing just Diablo 3 and Heroes of the Storm. I'm new to the MOBA scene, was never my cup of tea, but I love Heroes of the Storm. I actually play it daily and I'm glad I first started playing that game six months ago. I haven't missed a daily quest and remain committed to Heroes of the Storm.

Other games I have played with a Diablo like feel but not as much fun to me as Marvel Heroes was: Path of Exile, Drakensang Online, Grim Dawn, Titan Quest, etc... etc... I actually enjoyed Drakensang Online a lot but I just didn't feel like spending money on it to play catch up with the top players. Felt like a pay to win game at times.

When Season 17 starts for Diablo 3 I'm planning to play it every day but only after I complete my daily quest on Heroes of the Storm. I don't know how to break my Heroes of the Storm addiction. MOBA has become my new joy. RPG, MMORPG, while I still enjoy them, they don't appeal to me as much in my late 30's. I don't have the energy to game 24-7 like I did as a teenager or in my 20's.
05/07/2019 02:54 PMPosted by Hamiltonz
If you like pencil and paper there is this old game called Dungeons and Dragons that I hear some people still play...
Not grindy enough. I want to waste years on obviously pointless goals that just get deleted every time someone else decides I am done with current content.
Grim Dawn
Path of Exile
Torchlight 1-2
05/08/2019 02:21 PMPosted by Stinkyfinger
05/07/2019 02:54 PMPosted by Hamiltonz
If you like pencil and paper there is this old game called Dungeons and Dragons that I hear some people still play...
Not grindy enough. I want to waste years on obviously pointless goals that just get deleted every time someone else decides I am done with current content.

That sounds like D&D when a GM suddenly moves or life gets so hectic the majority of the group can't get together anymore.

Had Life hit me with that sledgehammer recently and had to go on hiatus from my D&D group until things get sorted. They miss their sassy-yet-silent rogue.
TERA is also a decent time killer until lvl 65. It turns into a grind after that but it is an RPG.
First Divaine Divinity from Larian
05/07/2019 03:27 PMPosted by SuperduperJW
last epoch.

early access but damn good

Rykker last you tube reviewed this new beta release and it does look awesome
05/07/2019 02:58 PMPosted by Zeddicuus
Diablo 1-2

What? "Diablo" 3 is nothing like Diablo or Diablo 2..
Imagine disliking a truth.. Yikes
Clash of Clans
Clash Royal
Farm Heros Saga
05/09/2019 03:49 AMPosted by Zetec
Clash of Clans
Clash Royal
Farm Heros Saga

05/08/2019 01:36 AMPosted by Steve
Grim Dawn

10 Reasons You Should Play Grim Dawn in 2019 (Game Review)
Titan Quest received a new expansion today. A couple new skills for each mastery, new zone. Even if you don't get the new expansion (I haven't yet), the game has base game has been updated to have quick cast like Diablo and Grim Dawn and Torchlight... you just press the hotkey instead of pressing hotkey and then clicking mouse on target. Much better experience.
Its not out yet but I can't wait for Warhammer: choasbane I'm not entirely sure if its for PC players though.

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