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my game is full d3 and reaper and now it say i only have starter edition
If you check the Bug Report forum there are quite a few reports of this. The account is being flagged as not exactly starter, but not having the "transaction finalized" which limits the social interactions such as trade with friends who were in game when the item dropped. Is that what is happening to you? If so you have to wait for them to fix the flagging bug.

If you are actually being limited to level 13 and the Skeleton King quest like a real Starter then you probably have the wrong account. Billing can help you find your account with the full copy of D3 on it if you need help.

Be prepared to show Govt issued photo ID in your name to retrieve a missing account. Details on how and why are here
Looking over the account it doesn't look like you've had a Diablo III license. We were able to find a different account under your name however that has the licenses you mentioned. It looks like its been played recently so hopefully you got that figured out. If not, I'd recommend putting in a ticket here for assistance locating the account.

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