Error: Diablo 3 detected corrupted data

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The game crash happens at the same exact spot between the same two pillars on Rakkis' Crossing shortly after helping out the NPC who talks about "finally, the ones in the air joined the fight" or something along those lines.

Error "Diablo III detected corrupted data and was unable to automatically repair the damage. Please run Scan and Repair using the Application."

I've attempted the scan and repair utility with no affect on the issue.
Additionally, I've completely uninstalled D3 and BattleNet APP and re-installed them in a different location after making sure the folders were also deleted after the uninstall.
Are you currently running any security programs and if so which ones? Is the game installed on the C drive?
Hi Zhyxen,

I'm running Norton Security; however, i've disabled that program and the problem still occurs without fail.
I've actually tried installing D3 on both the C: drive with all my windows data as well as my data drive D: which is pretty much empty. The problem persists regardless of the install location.

More detail on the issue:
The game lock up occurs at the exact same location each time on Rakkis' Crossing. As soon as the game freezes, I still hear ambient in game noises for about 15-20 seconds and then finally the error box pops up behind the game.
I believe this would be better handled over a ticket. It sounds like something may be modifying the games files and for us to determine what that might be, we'd need some more info. I'd recommend putting in a ticket here making sure to include the DxDiag and MsInfo reports.

Thanks for the help!
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Update: Issue was resolved after updating my OS build to version 1809.
Glad to hear you got that taken care of!

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