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There is an item called the murlocket that grants a murlock pet. The only issue is that one has to wear the murlocket to display the pet. Due to the poor stats on the item, no one would wear this item in actual game play and the owners don't get the enjoyment of seeing this pet displayed.

Can a change be made that owners of the murlocket can unlock the pet as a pet in the wardrobe?

04/24/2019 08:37 PMPosted by Raistlin

Believe it or not, that's been asked for quite a bit since the item's inception. It used to be legendary instead of magic in terms of its item rarity (it's still equally rare, but now it's just a blue item like Rakanishu's Blade).

Honestly, being able to transmute this in the cube to earn the pet isn't such a bad idea. This isn't exactly a common item after all.
Does it still drop?

I have it on my Asia account but not US.
Yes, it still drops. Only two mobs drop it though: Razormouth (Black Canyon Mines) and Moontooth Dreadshark (Caldeum City Sewers). Both are random spawns, and the drop itself is a very rare random drop.
If it registers as a blue then I'm guessing many of us have seen the item and salvaged it using the auto-salvage feature without ever realizing how rare it was?
Auto-salvage ignores specially coded blue items like this and Rakanishu's Blade. Items like these require a manual one-off salvage to avoid just that. :)
I see.

It's actually really cool and I sometimes love to freak people out before starting a rift cause most have never seen it.
Currently you can have the murlock pet AND your chosen gold grabber pet active at same time.

Just the stats of the Merlock ammy are insignificant, so its not worth wearing other than a funzie.

Its a easter egg, like a transmorg. Best just leave it as is.
04/25/2019 01:22 AMPosted by Shogun
Currently you can have the murlock pet AND your chosen gold grabber pet active at same time.
04/25/2019 01:22 AMPosted by Shogun
like a transmorg.
Except that it takes about 40% of your damage since blue items can't roll sockets. It is not usable as-is and has no value, even as an xmog.

Why not make it a pet?

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