XP boosting glitch

Console Bug Report
This glitch / bug allows rapid xp gain for the host. Here are the steps to re create for a season 17 character.


1. Start a game with your seasonal character (I chose wizard, not sure if relevant)
2. Choose a difficulty way outside your skill (ie. torment 5, for a level 18 character)
2. Equip a follower (Templar is who I chose if relevant)
3. Start, and enter a standard rift.
4. Invite a friend (higher level recommended, she was level 63)
5. wait for the friend to join the game, then the rift. If the templar is still with you at this time - it worked.

- Enemies should pretty much die instantly, or extremely easily.
- Host gains xp as if on the difficulty set
- We did not see any xp gain for the second player
- returning to down ends the glitch and the actual difficulty takes effect
- proceeding to the next level in the rift will also end the effect.
This is not a bug. it is called Apprentice Mode. Anytime there is a lower level character placed with a higher level, the game scales up to make leveling quicker for the lower level character.

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