Please give us a World of Diablo

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I would so much love to have a massive persistent online world of Diablo type of game.

Please, and thank you.

Blizzard fan since Orcs versus Humans.
Cooldown, Stats linked towards gear instead of describing your char capabilities , forced sets, repetitive end game, difficulty being just time consuming and gear check walls(...) is D3 not already mmo-like enough?? You wanna an more mmo like diablo??
You sure you want that? WoW is a dumpster fire now, not that D3 is much better. Hopefully we'll get D4 with the improvements that have been suggested the last 7 years, but I won't hold my breath.
Please give a single player Diablo that can be played online. One that has a good item and character development and good endgame activities that isn't opening a portal in town.
I'm watching Lost Ark and Lineage Eternal videos and I know a Diablo'ish type of MMO would be amazing.
Only if we get Diablo 4 (or whatever the next pc arpg installment they have planned) first, otherwise no to a Diablo mmo.
I want a loot shooter diablo game. Everything is the same as it is now but it's fps instead of this 3/4 view.
How it would be ?

World of Diablo = Ubers realms with ONE HUNDREAD time more hp and tripled damgage - So they would call this UBER RAIDS. You stick 15-30 minutes to finish raid and to drop the item from the amulet. There are 4 Uber Portal so u would take 60 minutes to 120 minutes.

World of Diablo = Walking for 20 minutes to arrive on next city.

Word of Diablo = Paying 20 dollars for your hero level up to max for you be able to play a new expansion.

World of Diablo = World of Idiots.
I'll pass on a Diablo MMO. I do not want to be forced into a situation where I have to wait 2 hours for a party to form and needing 25 other people in order to do content that matters. One thing I love about Diablo 1-3 is I can play on my schedule. I can drop in a game for 5-10 minutes and get some stuff done or play 5 hours straight if I want to. If I want to play with friends I can, if I want to just chill solo, I can do that too.
05/17/2019 10:54 AMPosted by Carbonaceous
I want a loot shooter diablo game. Everything is the same as it is now but it's fps instead of this 3/4 view.

I do believe that is called skyrim or fallout 4. First person loot finding, some quests, no complex story, relatively simple character building.
Please for the love of god no.
It's actually called, 'Blizzard North's Bitter End' but hey.. what do I know?

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