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People are mumbling around "Diablo IV" since Diablo 3 launching.

Rhykker, for example, is trying to predict Diablo IV since 2016 and nothing new about it came.

Don't get me wrong. I have deep respect for his job all these years, however, It looks that a small part of the community (with louder voices) have been hinting what THEY want, not all of us.
Best expansion:

The Druid Ruins so we have to enter the Druid portal where we will enter Druid Ruins World act 1 and act 2. Bring it on!
Hmm, I didn't figure we'd get another expansion but Blizzard has to know it'd sell pretty well and win back some of the respect they lost with the whole Immortal debacle. I suppose one can hope but yeah, I'd say I agree with a lot of your responses.
i would love to see new d3 expansion
I’m wondering why Quin would be invited to Blizzcon though, if it’s not for an Expansion or D4 announcement. He’s not playing D3, doesn’t play Diablo/Diablo2. He expressed no interest in Immortal.

Honestly I’m not expecting an expansion at all, as it would have been finished ages ago and if that were the case, why would Blizzard sit on content (money).

I’d expect D4 at Blizzcon, but I’ve learned that I can be disappointed by Blizzcon as well.
Druid is only class not represented in D3 from d2 in some way.

i just want to werebear it up.
I think an expansion makes sense because Diablo 3 still plays fine in terms of graphics. It doesn’t need to be rebuild from the ground up for the sake of new technologies.

I think a new game makes sense because they designed D3 for an auction house which doesn’t exist and it gives them a chance to reset power creep and to put in features which should have existed from the start.

I think it doesn’t matter what they do, it’s going to miss the mark by about a mile because their preference has been for simplicity.

Monsters scale with your level because that’s easier
No trading because that’s easier
No real PVP because balance is too hard.

Everything in D3 is setup to require as little effort from Blizzard to maintain as possible and with that as their approach, I don’t believe a quality product is possible.

I can only hope I’m being unfairly cynical and that I’m wrong.
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05/11/2019 11:51 PMPosted by Ruined
...Really? Hasn't Rhykker believed for years there won't be D3x2?

Actually if you watched his latest video, he seriously doubts there would be an expansion at all to D3, but it would be one of two potential PC Diablo title drops during Blizzcon that would be worthy of mention. More likely they will either drop news about a reboot of D2 or tease of D4. Along side a *cough* release of DI probably. Though to be honest, they should drop that at some convention in the Asia region than here. Would get better reception.

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Noone cars what Rhykker thinks.

Rhykker is a Blizzard sycophant.

Rhykker is not one of us.

Rhykker got upset at the 'Aprils Fool' guy and felt he was a terrible person.

Enough said.

I actually don't fully believe that.

There are things that he has said that indicate to me what his deal really is.

Its true he is trying not to bite the hand that feeds, but I think even he is getting fed up with some of the BS that goes on from Blizzard.

We can all only take so much. But its all good. I watch a wide variety of streamers and keep an open mind. He is one of the few I can stand to watch actually, as he talks about other games and other stuff, not all things Blizzard. But then, some may not know that if they don't actually watch much of his stuff. Hell lately 90 percent of the Diablo info he talks about is at the end of his videos, rather than the forefront like you would think a "sycophant" would do.

Game on.

Hey @DTMAce here is the video link and the time stamp to hear your Hero Rhykker show he is a Blizz sycophant.

Link to Video:

Start at 10:30

Red Shirt Guy 10:52

Rhykker shows he is in bed with Blizz and does not care a whit for us and the D3 players. This guy is a pos.

Never watch another video of his. He is not to be trusted.
all heil malthaelzulz but didn't need an expansion
I would say that it is highly unlikely for this game to get a new expansion. That all depends on what Blizz wants to do with this game. If the suits think it is needed in order to make sure that D4 sells well or gives us something to do till D4 sees the light of day. Then there will be an expansion. If they think that themed seasons will hold our attention till then. Then there will be no new expansion.
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The new content is a new Fairy Wing complete with rainbow color to attract LGBT gamers...

hmmm,mmmm I could go for the fairy wing, but not in rainbow colors, unless they were lightly flourescent pastels. As to the the afore mentioned group of special players, I do wear Sir Williams rainbow portrait, but I assure you, I am not one of THOSE people...
The Schrier article made it pretty clear that Blizzard has no intention of doing another expansion for D3. They scrapped the second expansion before RoS even launched, which is telling. Blizzard gave up on D3, it's painfully obvious at this point.

Nothing would make me happier than a D3 expansion, with as dramatic of changes RoS brought to vanilla. But we all know that will never happen. Blizzard is content with gimmick seasons and number inflations to tide us over until D4. What they don't realize is that their many fumblings with D3 and with the DImmortal announcement has lost them a considerable amount of goodwill.

A year ago I would have preordered D4 in a heartbeat. Now? I doubt I'll even buy it.
It is possible if there is any Diablo dev team at all cuz I think it is too early for Diablo 4 (and they don't need to hurry looking at competition by graphics level: PoE, Last Epoch, Grim Dawn. Diablo 3 has still a lot better quality), but if D3 is in classic team hands and D Immortal was outsourced then you know...
I think after Blizzcon 2018 disappointments, an expac would only go great with everyone if the content was as diverse and new as Reaper of Souls was. With that said, then that would most probably mean no Diablo 4 announcement (let alone resources focusing on it) for a longer while. Blizz/Activision need the Ace under the sleeve to get people's respect again..that card would have to be Diablo 4 realistically.
I find it more amazing is that people still play this game at all.
05/16/2019 02:45 PMPosted by Danado
I find it more amazing is that people still play this game at all.

And yet here you are, on a forum for a game that you do not even play.
I mean if they were a normal company run by logic and reason, then yes they would. But they're not, they're run by stubbornness, secrecy and some sort mental illness that hasn't been discovered yet so of course an expansion or DLC is out of the question.

Meanwhile a game like Age of Empires 2 which is 20 years old still gets expansions. Or virtually any game that is alive and popular gets expansions and's how the industry is nowadays. But not Blizzard, they gotta be different. They know better
Titan Quest recently got a new expansion, 13 years after launch.

Let that sink in.

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