Set gift forces specific build on character

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Yeah I know it's just for a while, just to farm other items etc etc and I don't have to use it (but who the hell wouldn't with that dmg buff), but think about it like this.

The thing about rpg is that we should have freedom from beginning till forever to have full impact on how is our character created. Those fixed set gifts takes that freedom from us even for a while but still. Also some sets are just terrible as starters for example Vyr which dmg is dependent of long cooldown skill. Farming like this is painful.

I have a friend who doesn't play much, only like few days with season start and all characters he has on his account are with sets from Haedrig's gift. That really gives me the feel he doesn't build his character how he wants.
Whenever firebird or dmo is apart of haedrig's gift, I literally ignore those pieces and just grind the old fashion way (well mostly old fashioned, i'll still use kanai's cube and kadala). Sure it's longer, but that's far more preferable for me than to deal with a playstyle that's unsuited for me.
05/16/2019 11:52 AMPosted by Kaelos
Those fixed set gifts takes that freedom from us

No they don't.
No-one's forcing you to use the gifts.
You could just farm your gear the same way you would non-seasonal.
I usually get the full set I want loooong before I complete chapter 4 and get the set I dont want.
OP, this season try something different....if theres a set you like on a class you dont play too well, you can complete the 4 chapters and get your gifts but then put them in the bank and open them with another class to get that set.
I disagree. The few times I did seasons, yea, I used the given set until I could farm for the set I wanted to use. With the help of clan mates, I pretty much had all the sets within a week and I could pick and choose which set I want to play. I do not believe the gifts lock me down for a time that I would consider as considerable.

With the new patch, you'll have more mats to farm gear quicker too.
non-Ancient pieces are useless in endgame you'll end up grinding anyhow. What's the difference?

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